Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to make the donuts

We go to mass in a town about 45 minutes away. Since most of the other homeschoolers attend the 8:30 mass we try to attend that one. It doesn't always work out (since we have to wake up extra early), especially if SP wakes up at 4, I get up to feed her*, once putting her down I walk past the girls' room and see Boo on the bottom bunk head on her hands staring at me then saying she has been up for  a long time and couldn't fall back asleep. Boo is fine if we forgo the 8:30 mass and stay local (thus skipping CCD as well). Sugar is not. She came into our room at 6:30 frantic that we were going to miss 8:30 mass. When I told her we weren't going she started crying. The concession is to go to the other town to Spanish mass which starts at 10:15. CCD is from 10-11:15 so if we do this the girls don't get to go to mass which we don't really like but since neither has made their First Communion we are ok with occasionally doing this. 

Wow, this is a much longer story than I had intended. Anyway, another reason the girls like going to the early mass is because after it they usually have donuts in the parish hall. There is just enough time between mass ending and CCD beginning to scarf one down. I was getting ready this morning when Boo came in:
Boo: Daddy says he is going to take us to CCD and you guys are going to go to mass.
Mom: Yeah. I'll probably be the one to take you in to CCD but yeah.
Boo: Oh. Well can you pick me up a donut?

*Miguelita, she doesn't usually wake up in the middle of the night, though has been for the past week or so. Anyway, with her and Ham in the same room, I would rather get up to feed her than let her cry it out and chance waking him up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, 3 days is a habit. Get off my back lady.

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Amy Caroline said...

Well you could have gone to noon mass with us... Although I don't care for the noon mass myself.

I love the 8:30, but we are so not morning people. See we are up at 6:30 too, but to eat, get dressed, have at least two cups of coffee... that doesn't happen in two hours.

I have been telling Hubby we need to become fluent in Spanish so we could go to the 10:15. Sigh.

Then the kids would have to go to Spanish CCD... see it is a spiral of confusion.