Friday, February 1, 2008

The play by play

Regina is rounding the corner, heading for home, Amy close on her tail. Amy's closing. She's gonna get her. Aw, Regina hits home just as Amy tags. Tie goes to the runner. Regina is safe. Sorry Amy, though you tagged me, I was clearly on homebase so I can't participate in the meme. Besides I don't know much about the saints, I haven't read a single book about/by a saint nor have I seen any movies so an entire meme filled with 20 "I don't know"s wouldn't be very fun to read. Next time Gadget, next time.

I have been sick for over a week and have eaten very little in that time-don't have much of an appetite. Guess how much weight I have lost. That's right-zip, zero, nada. {Channeling Nancy Kerrigan} Why, why, why.

Shelly and shelly, perhaps you two could exchange email addresses and stop hijacking my comments. As for the link to Michelle's blog not working, if you look at the url I think I entered While I am mean, I am not THAT mean since I know she currently doesn't want anyone seeing her one wonderful post. I just wanted to scare her a little :) [though it would be very easy for you to find it without my help]

Oh crap-a-dil, Bloggers spellcheck isn't working right now. ARGH

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Amy Caroline said...

It still isn't working! I think it is a plot to drive me insane.

Fine, fine. You win. The thing is the only reason why I read The Confessions was it was an assingment in college.

That is why I figured I really ought to read one. I read all those little snip it things with the kids, but... well, Lent... I will read one for Lent, like a good girl.

Amy Caroline said...

And the worse thing... I can't go back and edit my spelling mistakes in my comments. I just type way to fast... yeah right...

The Wades said...

maybe you are still a little nice. i like that--not linking to a real post joke. fun stuff.

on a shelly note--you cannot pick favorites/compare us and not expect a little competive commenting. we're both vying for your approval.

cute play by play. THAT is why we keep coming back!

i have never read a book on saints either. don't tag me and my fake blog. :)

lisa, erin??? lisa? erin??

Erin said...

I always have to side with the sis (the original, keepin-it-real Shelly), even though she gets much more blog love than the other sister-in-law. Who's the other Shelly?? She ain't got nothin' on my sissy!

Regina, I can sympathize. I was really sick last weekend & am still coughing . . . hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

i know everyone is dying for me to weigh in on the great shelly debate so without further ado - dum da da dah - my vote has to go to my kid-watchin', word-lovin', powdered sugar-bringin', all-around superstar shelly (no offense to new shelly however, I'm sure she is lovely)


The Wades said...

my cup runneth over!!! :)

Jessica said...

Love how you dodged being "tagged!" Where was I in the running, before or after you? Am I safe too?

I really hope you are better soon! Last night Snuggles needed to be snuggeled on the recliner from 1-5am. I am exhausted. Trying to decide whether to put him on antibiotics again. How is Ham? Did he make it through without the meds?

Oh! And as far as Shelly and Shelly hijacking the comments. It adds abit of fun, for the rest of us, between posts :) Keep it up Shelly's!

The Wades said...

I just love that Jessica! :)