Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sportman Show

This weekend we went to an Outdoor & Sportsman Show (think that was the title). The kids had a great time, the pictures not so great (taken on Tug's phone). There was some sort of tech hunting booth that showed video of an animal and you'd shoot at it (bow) and it could tell you where your shot landed. On her second attempt (EVER, shooting a bow) Sugar got a bullseye. Boo wasn't able to pull back the draw but we found another booth that had regular (not compound) bows and she did that one. Now both kids want a bow. I think Daddy might oblige--especially since I saw him leave this morning with his own bow...something about Eugene having a bow manufacturer there (BowTech), and his bow being the wrong draw length, and needing a new bow. Nevermind that it has been years since he last went-of course, a new bow might solve that problem. 


Ham was able to do it with Daddy's help. After he said "Cool, awesome!"

There was also a rock climbing thingy. 
Sugar got to the top; Boo, not so much.

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Jessica said...

Sean worked there all day on Saturday (minus a few hours in the middle of the day). I really wanted to take the kids, but couldn't since I was sick. They LOVED it last year!

Jessica said...

Look at Sugar go!! Ham is so cute too!

The Wades said...

I think those pictures turned out pretty good. I didn't think phone pictures were even half that good. My kids LOVED when they went rock climbing. Sure wish we could go together!