Thursday, December 27, 2007

They might be learning

Wow, the kids just might be paying attention during school. While driving home from Mass on Christmas Eve
Sugar: Can you turn up the radio (we often have the back speakers off because, like us, the girls are quick at picking up lyrics-luckily they don't often understand their meaning)?
T & R: No.
Sugar: Um, we heard this song the other night when Daddy was driving Boo and I...
T: Boo and me.
Sugar:...home from the store and I said he isn't following one of the Ten Commandments because he wishes he had Jessie's girl.

That provided me with a good little laugh. I, of course, couldn't let it go
Mom: Which Commandment is he breaking?
Sugar: Ah, though shall not...ah...covet thy neighbors, um goods?
Boo: No, thy neighbor's wife.
The next day Sugar informs me that she was correct because she isn't his wife.

2 people are laughing with me:

Jessica said...

That is too funny! Your girls sure pay attention to things... Sure makes you think, doesn't it?

EPlady said...

Great learners stem from great teachers! Koodos again to the teachers! Hope you all have a safe New Years eve and a prosperous year! Love & hugs - EPdad; EPlady & EP baby!