Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mmmmm Salty

I have a little thing I like to do to Hammie. I like to eat him. He is just soooo tasty. I love nibbling on his ears, neck and nose. Yes his nose. He has such a cute little button nose-I just can't resist. (Can you guess where this post is going)?
We went to pick Tug up from the airport tonight around 5 so he suggested we stay in town and get dinner-I NEVER turn down eating out. After dinner while we were piling into the car I put Ham in his car seat. Well his little nose was right at eye level so I just had to stick my mouth around it. Then I said, rather casually "Hm, something salty. I think I just ate a booger."

This then started a discussion on boogers between Sugar and Boo. The only thing I took from eavesdropping on the conversation was Boo saying "Boogers don't taste salty!" Wonder why she would know.

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Jessica said...

At least it was just a booger. ;)