Monday, December 17, 2007


Like me, once my kids find a new hobby they work it to death (for at least a day or two). Last Thursday we got together with a few families to read Christmas stories and eat cookies (details with Jessica). Prior to going I told Sugar and Boo that Amy's girls knew how to finger knit so they begged to bring yarn with them to ask the girls to teach them. Sugar sat diligently while Amy's girls (two oldest, can't remember their blog names right now) taught her. Boo and Amy's youngest were more interested in the crafts and cookies. Once home, Sugar showed Boo how to do it and they are now both hand knitting freaks. This is how I found Boo the other night (marker on her arm). We now have lots of 'scarves', 'bracelets', and 'belts' to go along with their crocheted ropes.

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Amy Caroline said...

OH LOL!!! How sweet and precious!!