Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My new love

Ever since I found crochet this blog has taken a backseat. Don't get me wrong. I loves me blog BUT me blog can't provide Christmas presents to me loved ones like crochet can! So my new love and I have been busy and my old love has become the step child. Still sticking around. Still nagging me brain to update it. Still trying to think of quirky things to say when all I can think are sc's, dc's, rounds, and rows.
Anyhoo I am almost done with said Christmas presents. Just have one more hat to go (possibly 2 if I can squeeze the other one in, though I want to make the girls each a hat for their Christmas outfits, ARGH that's 4 more hats already when I just said I only have one to go)!
Except for that last hat (wait, last 2 hats) all presents are wrapped and mailed (THANKS in large [all] part to a wonderful hubby).
Tug just told me I have too many hobbies. Wait til I start trying my hand(s) at knitting. Oh and sewing. Oh and maybe embroidery. Too bad I don't have any culinary interests!

Slight funny-I helped teach in Sugar's CCD class on Sunday. The teacher was giving a lesson on being nice and posed the question "If you had a friend over and your mom gave you 2 pieces of cake and one was bigger than the other what would you do?" Sugar raised her hand and said "Cut the bigger one in half." Don't think she quite got the concept.


2 people are laughing with me:

Amy Caroline said...

Let me see if I can find it, I saw this on a blog the other day...
AH HA! Here it is:
Blog Without Obligation
A little thingy for your sidebar that states you will not feel guilty if you miss a day blogging! I should put one up myself! LOL

Auntie Nee said...

Well at least she tried. I think if the same question was posed to Boo, I have a feeling that the answer would not be the same. But I love them lots