Monday, December 3, 2007

Lions, Tigers and Toucans

Oh my.

Tug recently said I am obsessed with crocheting. I have finally come to terms--by George I think he is right (bye, buy?). It started with the hats. I took a shot at one of the ones for the girls and liked how it looked so of course I had to do another for the other girl. Tug started getting annoyed at Hammie putting on the flowered hats so I had to do his. Then I couldn't leave Tug out so I had to do his hat. This weekend the girls insisted on wearing their hats to mass so one had a coordinating scarf. Well yesterday I had to start on the other coordinating scarf and finally finished it today. I had plans to go to bed early tonight then made the mistake of looking at and found some adorable "safari sniffers". I thought they would make a cute present for Hammie and the girls (maybe stocking stuffers) but wasn't sure I could do it so I just had to try. I have finally finished the lion (at the very bottom). I need the orange, yellow and purples so I will have to finish the others later. But if I plan on giving them to the kids I can't do it when they are out here so I don't know when I will get around to doing them. Maybe I will just say they are for other kids when they ask that way I can do them during the day.
Oh yeah, my mom also wants me to do a hat for my aunt--though she lives in El Paso which never dips below about 80.
Oh and my sister wants one too.
Oh and Tug wants me to figure out how to do a Buckeye helmet one.
Oh and I thought I might do one for one of Tug's aunt who actually lives somewhere that it is cold enough to wear a hat.
Why didn't I figure out this crochet thing back in April or something. Of course I wouldn't have thought far enough ahead for Christmas present anyway but still...


This was suppose to post last night but didn't for some reason so here is a pic of the lioness (for those who are too lazy to click the link)

For my critics, I tied them uneven but they are not sewn uneven.
Last night my mom asked me if I am trying to be Martha Stewart. Absolutely not, she went to prison--though that might be a fun escape, especially cupcake prison like the one where she was.

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Amy Caroline said...

LOL! My hands are so tired from all the stuff I have been trying to get done! I gave up on hiding some stuff from the kids. After all, how excited are they really going to be about mittens?
My motto is if they ask what I ma making, I tell them none of their business. They have stopped asking, lol.
As for the dolls, I make them at night when they are supposed to be reading or sleeping. I also keep a blanket on my lap so that when they come out (because you know they will at least 50 times) I can cover it quickly.
I am kicking everyone out this weekend to break out the sewing machine. We will see if I can sew stuff up, lol. That will be funny!

The Wades said...

Don't forgot to count the Wades in on that total. We would be shocked and hurt not to receive a hat package from Auntie Gene Bean! :) LOVE

Amy Caroline said...

OH! I just email you and said to post pictures! See I saw the ones on the web, but I wanted to see the one you made!

Anonymous said...

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