Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I received an email today:
There are some new photos of the tree on the camera. Why don't you download them and do a new blog post for goodness sake.

Tug F*****, CSI, CDT

Certified ******® Specialist

******* Products

Cell ***-914-****

How nice of him to sign it so personally huh! (For those who don't know, the email is from my husband.) I should have replied "If your children didn't look like such vagabonds perhaps I might."
I was at work during these photos. I think I was at work. Maybe I was asleep on the
We have 2 couches, clearly I wasn't sleeping on that one. The kids decorated the tree entirely by themselves and I think it looks good enough for me to not try to change any of it.

And, for a family update:
*{l} hurt her foot yesterday during judo and says it hurts to walk. Funny thing is she hurt it doing roundoffs. We have been icing it and might give it another day before we deem it doctor-needs-to-see-her hurt.

*{r} now won't be going to rec gymnastics. Her coach has decided to place her in the next lower level class that is still pre-team. I have been trying to get her into that class but was told by another coach that, while she is young enough for the class, she was too tall for it. Her coach decided that the things she needs to fix are things they don't focus on in rec (hello, I have been saying this all along) and that if she went to rec she wouldn't be able to grow the talent she does have so they are just lowering her pre-team level. {r} is totally fine with it since it is still pre-team. Gymnastics really feels like an episode of As the World Turns!

*{l} has a consultation on Friday for braces. Apparently her bite is off and they need to fix that with braces at the ripe old age of 9. Why are kids so expensive??

*Off to get ready to go to Mass. . .

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Shelly said...

i call my girls ragamuffins all the time. you want ragamuffin photos? just look at my girls in my most recent post. nice hair. heard of a brush? i suppose if i glued a brush to their hands it might click. nah.
your kids look fine. to me. but what do i know?


Keri said...

I'm getting so tired of the constant battle to encourage my girls to look presentable, that I'm allowing my "ragamuffins" to go to SCHOOL looking like a "vagabonds"!! Maybe I should be happy they are not spending an hour in front of the mirror! I should remember to count my blessings.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

They DID do a good job. I have to admit, I "re-arranged" a few clusters of bulbs after Mari and Tommy finished decorating the tree. I'm no Martha, but I was afraid the tree would fall over from the imbalance. Your kids look fine. I don't see any chocolate on their faces or runny noses. That's usually the going look in this house.

Erin said...

I love the tree and the vagabonds. I think they look super cute, especially in the last pic. Miss those faces!

Auntie Nee said...

Super cute. Love the tree and the pics!! Hope L foot gets better! Happy to hear there is no more drama for R


Anonymous said...

They did a great job of decorating and as always they look great