Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fingers Crossed

I never got around to showing pictures of the fingerless mitts I made for the Ohio trip. Believe you me, they came in handy!! I ended up not taking my scarf along. Well, I did take it to Ohio but didn't take it to the game. We went to the game on a tailgating bus and when we got to the meeting point it didn't seem that cold. Once tailgating at the game though, it was relatively freezing (even the natives were cold). Tug's teeth were chattering! I wasn't that cold though and I think it had everything to do with my hands being warm :)

Fingers crossed in the picture for a possible job opportunity. I got a call this morning from a lady I used to work for in NM. She is a psychologist and owned her own practice and I did her billing for her. She ended up closing up shop and moving to OK to be closer to her family. This morning she left a message to see how I was doing and to see if I wanted a job. I left a message back for her so am not sure what she is looking for though I think it would be the same thing which would be totally awesome. Fingers crossed that it works out.
For those wondering, I am still planning on doing the MT thing. I haven't applied to many places. . .I had planned to get on the job hunt once returning from Ohio but haven't really. If I am able to do the billing thing I would still look for MT work since the billing thing would be very part-time.

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Sarah - Kala said...

Those are cool.
I love red.
Short sentences means I'm knackered.

regan said...

why don't you just make a million pairs of those gloves and sell them.
that could be your job.
i'd SO buy some red ones.
that red is awesome.
they are great.

Anonymous said...

LOVE them! So glad to see you knitting again, you are so good at it!

Good luck with the job hunt, it sucks I know, but you will do great.

Keri said...

Was my comment on your last post too mean??? Sorry, honey! I take it all back.
I love your super cool mitten-things.


Jessica said...

Oh! I hope it works out, that would be wonderful!

The Wades said...


Is this Donita? Cool beans. Says something about you if she would track you down across the country to potentially hire you again. Way to be.