Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ahhhh, finally getting around to talking about the game. I know how anxious many of you have been!
When our family godfather Dan found out we were going to be going to the game he hooked us up with his brother-in-law who owns Plank's Cafe. They charter a bus from the cafe to every home game and have a designated parking spot in a tailgating section (oh and for those of you who are local, tonight they will have members from TBDBITL playing at the cafe, as they do every year, every Thursday before the Michigan game-get some pizza, it is good!) Dan is from Columbus but currently lives in Las Cruces and we know him because we worked for him when we were in college. He also sent his nephew some NMSU gear and he proudly wore it (for about 30 minutes).
unstaged photo. . . we were taking the picture of Matt to send to Dan when the next person walked on the bus and started choking him.

The bus has a PA system and John (Plank's owner) gets on it occasionally to say things like "It's 9:24 AM" and the rest of the bus says "and Michigan still sucks" or he says "Ann, what are we going to do today?" and she yells in a heavy smokers voice "We're gonna kick some ass!" This is Ann, though I don't actually remember her name.

This was our bus. Plank's doesn't own it, they just charter it.
Here is a shot of the parking lot. Apparently during conference/bigger games it is much more full.
Some of the other buses.

They had lots of beer, lots of brats and it was lots of fun!
Once it was getting close to game time we headed to the stadium—we didn't want to miss the band taking the field. Here they are getting ready to go in. . . you can barely see the green of the field at the end of the tunnel.
And here they are taking the field. . .
with Brutus waiting for them at the 50 yard line (we took our small camera which the kids now often use. It appears they have messed up the zoom.)
The start of Script Ohio. Tug ended up taking video of it so no more pictures of it.
The fuzzy team taking the field.
A picture of the entire stadium (from our seats.)
Though there weren't many, the Aggies actually had a few fans there. Apparently their backup QB is from Ohio and he got quite a few cheers when he took the field. I didn't know why people were cheering but heard later that they were cheering for him, and he promptly fumbled-poor guy!
First touchdown of the game. You can see our QB running it in for a touchdown. There were quite a few more as the Buckeyes won 45-0. Our alma mater did us proud though and held the Bucks to a scoreless first quarter. Tug joked before the game saying it was a win-win regardless of who won. I said, "Yeah right, if the Aggies win you are going to be happy?" I think he said something about hell and no and the Buckeyes better win.
Overall it was a fun time! If we are ever able to return I think I would rather go to a better game. . .perhaps a lower level in-conference game.

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scmom (Barbara) said...

Too funny that you write about Planks today. We were just talking about the Michigan Thursday night bash the other day. And tomorrow we'll be at Plank's for lunch to celebrate my husband's birthday. Johnny's father gave St. Charles (our son's high school) a big gift for their new turf football field -- called Walt Plank Field. They are a great family (all priests eat free at the Cafe -- isn't that cool?).

Tonight's the big Mirror Lake jump. My son said they must have cleaned it up because when he was on his way to class the other day he could see the block O on the bottom.

The Wades said...

I felt like I was iChatting with you again. Know what? I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, the second time. Perhaps its the Ohio blood running through my veins. I know you wouldn't understand. ;) Hee hee. I crack myself up. Love

Erin said...

LOVE this post! I felt like I got to go to the game, too. Glad you two had so much fun - you deserve it. Go Bucks!

Auntie Nee said...

That was a great post. Love the pictures. Too Fun!!