Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Well, almost. On the agenda for today was
*take trash to dump Done 
*take donations to the Salvation Army  Almost. I went but they weren't accepting donations...said they were full so I just took this stuff to the dump too. Bummer because there were some good things in there.
*take the girls to swim lessons Went and boy will we miss their instructor! She is awesome!!
*get an oil change Not done. I guess we will do it in Albuquerque
*wash the car Not done. I wanted to get the outside washed which I didn't do BUT the inside did get vacuumed and seats rearranged
*get the house cleaned and ready to show while we are gone D to the O to the N to the E
*pack for the trip All done except for last bits like toilet bag that I will use in the morning. Van is packed too
*pack at least one box for the move Successful...I did only one box but one box was the goal
*take Tug's car to Jessica's so they can take it to the airport for us later Accomplished
*continue my weight gain by drinking lots more Dr Pepper Continually done
*lose my mind I think I lost that long ago...

I had hoped to be in bed by 9 because we are planning on waking up at 3AM to start our journey at 4AM. I am now 40 minutes behind—not too shabby.
On this first leg of the trip we are hoping to get to Las Vegas, NV (there is also a Las Vegas, NM so that is why I am clarifying) which is 12.5 hours and we lose an hour since they are Mtn time so if we leave at 4AM we will get there (including potty and food breaks) around 7PM. The next day will be about 10.5 hrs of driving (including stops) to get to Albuquerque.
Lord help us!

2 people are laughing with me:

Shelly said...

you don't have a St. Vincent de Paul's or Goodwill around you?

The Wades said...

Excellent goal meeting, Regina. I am impressed. I can't believe you guys left at 4 AM!!! Impressive.