Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary

to me (oops, us). Today is our 8th anniversary. Thanks mom for the card, thanks Jessica for the phone call, the rest of you can go to...
Anyhoo, we aren't big on getting each other gifts for anniversaries (or any day for that matter); but, I was trying to think of something I could do for Tug today. Initially we thought we would go out to dinner but since I am waste deep in pee we (I) have changed our minds. Then I thought I could make a nice dinner for here at home but we don't have much of anything to eat so I would have to go to the store and that is such an ordeal...Next was the idea to clean the house but nothing is romantic about hands that smell like bleach (and who wants to clean the house?) Then I thought I could at least get dressed in something other than sweats, maybe even put on some pretty panties. I quickly realized I no longer have pretty panties but I can at least put on some cotton ones without holes--besides if I did have pretty panties he would assume something for later and that is SOO not happening, don't want baby #5 around the corner. Also realized that I am spending a lot of time on the floor with that pee and dress up clothes aren't comfortable in that situation so sweats will just have to do. Well, after all this thought I finally realized what I could do for hubby tonight.
I promise to, along with the holeless panties, shower BEFORE he gets home.
Happy anniversary honey!!Aren't we cute

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Jessica said...

Cute picture! Just let me know when I can watch the kids so you two can go out. I'm serious! Happy Anniversary again :)

Amy Caroline said...

Well, now, I didn't know it was your anniversary or I would have happily wished you a happy one!!

Sorry about the pee. Sigh. I know your pain.