Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Bull, Eh?

count my points

Gosh, isn't this the kind of thing people see in Canada? Actually, Tug was on his way to Eureka, CA when he saw this herd. Think he is on 101. Funny thing is he met someone recently who is going hunting in NM in the same area Tug use to hunt. Talking to that guy gave him the itch again. God must have heard...he's right there for ya Tug, just give him a little tap with your car. Noone would notice.
Edit to post: Tug informed me after the fact that they don't really have elk (at least not many) in Canada. WHATEVER, who cares?! I just wanted to do the 'Canada, eh'.

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Amy Caroline said...

Oh man, Tony would have died. He and his buddy went hunting this year and a big old stag stopped right in front of their truck, but it was dark so they couldn't do a thing about it. I was so proud of him... I imagine the temptation was great!!