Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pinkish hues

Yesterday L and R had soccer games at the same time. I took R, Tug took L. When L came home I asked how her game was. "We lost. I didn't score; but at least I didn't score any goals for the other team!" What? Is she looking at the bright side of things? Where in the world does she get such an optimistic outlook from such a pessimistic family? Well, I should say a pessimistic father. Tug isn't a glass-half-empty kind of guy. He is a glass-is-broken kind of guy. Recently he had a chance to take a Berke Profile which shows a persons "behavioral and talent characteristics." I must say it was almost spot-on. They have a category on optimism and out of a 10 he scored a WHOPPING 1.5. Another section they had 100% correct was on Social Adaptability where it stated "not likely to change his mind just to avoid a disagreement." You don't say! That is why our love language is the often overlooked #6 Words of discussion said loudly usually in a rude or disrespectful tone.
It was wrong under Sociability though when it deduced that he has a "strong network of friends." I asked him if 1 friend can be considered a network--and for those who don't know him, his lack of friends is self-induced not because he is an oaf.

When I told Tug tonight's blog topic he said "I'm optimistic; every night I am optimistic that I am gonna get some." Hmm, seems he needs a pair of rose-colored glasses AND a dose of reality.
I love you dear!

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The Wades said...

funny stuff! i think we should all have to take that personality test. actually, i don't. i'd hate to know what it had to say about me. i think max is totally opposite in the optim/pessim. category, but the same in the lack of friends. see, this is why i don't blog. not interesting, doesn't make sense, not relevant, etc. lame-O! love the "moo point." good ol' joey. love

Auntie Nee said...

That is FUNNY!!!!!!!

Amy Caroline said...

Ahhh, men.... sounds ever so familiar.