Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Love Me-Meme

So, Jessica tagged me for a meme. From what I gather these are silly little things bloggers send along to list different things about yourself. This particular one is listing 7 things you love about yourself (not things you love). Most people are listing here how hard this is going to be...not me, I am an ego maniac.

1. I love my ankles. They are nice and little, unfortunately they don't match the rest of my body but I love that I don't have fat ankles.

2. I love my heels. I like that I don't have those nasty cracks (sorry if you do) that a lot of people have even though I wear flip flops constantly.

3. I love that I have 'easy' pregnancies--DO NOT confuse that with loving being pregnant. I'm just saying that when I have to be pregnant, I love that I don't have complications or much sickness.

4. I love that I chose to marry Tug.

5. I love my mind--I could be a WHOLE lot stupider!

6. I love my hair--no gray, nice and thick. Of course, there are times when I hate it too, but mostly enjoy it.

7. I love my handwriting. It is relatively neat and I can do a pretty good job with calligraphy and other fun lettering.

Now the hard part. I am suppose to tag 3 people...problem, I don't know 3 bloggers. Sure, I check out other peoples blogs but am not on a one on one basis with any (other than those already tagged) so I tag:

Michelle--YOU HAVE UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT to get your blog what you consider worthy-I am adding the hyperlink TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!

Lisa--If you still check this blog and ever get around to doing one yourself, consider yourself tagged

Check out Amy's meme...she already did it.

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