Friday, October 5, 2007

The importance of accessories

OK, I admit it--ever since I started this blog, I have been obsessing over things to post. Which pictures are blog worthy? Who would care about this? How can I write so eloquently that people think I am clever, but casual enough that they (foolishly) think it comes naturally. Anyhoo, I was putting towels away tonight and passed by the (sleeping) girls room. The sight made me laugh and immediately I thought blog time.
Background info: Earlier tonight we were watching the Indians vs Yankees game (Indians won in the bottom of the 11th) and the kids were being, well, kids. The were running around and yelling and talking to us (how dare they?). I thought I would send them to get ready for bed then realized it was an hour± until bedtime...darn. Plan B: we told them to get their stuff ready for their soccer games. Instructions simply were to lay out their uniforms, including a long sleeve shirt.
see Barbie up closeAny guesses as to the need for a purse? Perhaps she is going to try and pay the ref so they can get their first win!

3 people are laughing with me:

Jessica said...

OK... I'm laughing with you!! How cute!

The Wades said...

Really is cute. I like your tactic of getting the kids away from you. Cracks me up. I can just imagine them in there trying their hardest to be prepared. Sweet babies. :)

Auntie Nee said...

That is GREAT!!!! It seems like something you would have done as a kid