Thursday, October 25, 2007

Debt Collectors

I am SOOOOO sick of getting calls from debt collectors!! The real sore spot is because they aren't calling for me. NOOO, for the past 1.5 years we have gotten calls for Wayne Tetzlaff* from various debt collectors and attorneys. Now I am not sure which annoys me more-getting automated calls or getting live people. The problem with automated calls is there is noone to tell of the phone number error. The problem with live people is they don't believe that neither I nor anyone in my house is Wayne Tetzlaff. Last night I got another call and I informed the lady that Wayne no longer had this phone number. I said "My guess is you are a debt collector because we get lots of calls but this is no longer his number." She replied "I'm sorry for that and I will note it in our system. The reason we called is because he is still using checks with this phone number on them." ARGH ARGH ARGH.
Earlier while in the shower I had the grand idea to look at dexonline and see if I could find Mr. Tetzlaff. I had previously assumed he moved from the area; therefore, changing his number but if he is writing checks he is, most likely, still nearby. Lo and behold I find one Wayne Tetzlaff online. I (while in the shower) thought to call Mr. T (I pity the fool) and ask him kindly (or not) to update his phone number on his checks so I would stop getting these annoying phone calls. I have since lost my nerve BUT I've still got my blog nerve.
So here is is for the world to see...Mr. Wayne Tetzlaff, I don't much care for you. I don't like that you are still writing checks with my phone number and I don't like that those checks bounce. I don't like that you don't pay your other bills and I especially didn't like getting the call from the 'Adult' store! I jotted down your number (from dexonline) and am posting it by all my phones so the next time a collector calls I can properly update them!
(I sure hope there is only 1 Wayne Tetzlaff in the area, otherwise I apologize in advance to the innocent WT. I'm not worried though, it's not like his name is John Smith.)
*Names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent because he is not innocent and I hope he somehow, someday sees this. Erin (my lawyer sis-in-law) defamation is only if you say things that aren't true, right?

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The Wades said...

your life is so rich w/ crazy happenings. every day i realize more and more that my blog, if i ever did it, would be awful and boring! why am i so drab??? cracks me up about giving the collectors his new number. very funny! love

Amy Caroline said...

Oh you poor thing!
I am always getting phone calls on my cell for various girls from less than coherrent young men. I think because my cell is an easy one that girls just give it to guys they want to leave them alone. And lucky me, I have to tell them, sorry, I guess she didn't really like you all that much after all.

Brian Running said...

I just Googled the name "Wayne Tetzlaff" because my wife receives calls incessantly from debt collectors asking for him, and was amazed to find your blog. Our stories are the same. If I ever find him, should I let you know, so we can both wring his neck together?