Friday, October 12, 2007

I was speaking with a friend earlier and she asked what I was going to blog about today. I told her I had already done a post and probably wouldn't do another since I wasn't feeling that great. "What, no. I already read that post. What am I going to do tonight. You have to write something." Well, who am I to disappoint an adoring fan...

Background: in speaking to that same friend she said "You'll never guess what G just did. We were looking at a picture and I said 'Who's this?' 'Mommy.' 'Right, and who's this?' 'Tuckt.' 'Right, that's Tug.' Can you believe he knew who it was?!" Now, her son is the same age as J and her son hasn't seen Tuckt since July. I think she was just bragging about how smart her son is. She would deny that but whatever.

Top ten things J can do
10. He can walk. This is an accomplishment since he didn't start until after turning 1.
9. He has teeth. How is this involuntary thing an accomplishment? Well because he didn't get his first tooth until after turning 1 so all other teeth have been accomplishments.
8. He can recognize Juju in a photo.
7. He can color on the floor, refrigerator and bottom of his jammies.
6. He can say I love you, as long as you know what to listen for.
5. He can make the Sign of the Cross before prayers.
4. He can walk himself to the time-out bench and sit himself down. He can also entertain himself when we forget that we have sent him there.
3. He can stick his hand down his pants AND diaper, and does so proudly.
2. He can identify an Ohio State Buckeye logo and says "ba-keye".
and the number one thing J can do:
1. He too can identify Tug (daddy) in a picture. Unfortunately he also identifies a picture of Chendo as daddy but lets not be picky!!

side note, the girls just came up to me and said J colored on the wall and his hand with a marker and he meant to. So add wall and hand to accomplishment #7
Slightly funny story to share:
Betty* was visiting at my house and we were watching TV. A new program was starting about primordial dwarfs. Betty says "Oh, I always wanted one of those." I've always wanted one of those? Huh? As if a primordial dwarf is something you just go pick up at Walmart. I wonder if when her 3rd child was born she said "Oh darn, another normal healthy one. I was hoping for a primordial dwarf."
Perhaps she also thinks the stork delivers them.
*Name changed to protect the wacky innocent. In case you read this, LOVE YOU 'BETTY'

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The Wades said...

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw an update to the blog! (I think I'm getting a little addicted to it.) I think your "friend" sounds like a really, really cool person. I bet she's funny, clever, and oh so stylin'! I'm sure she just thought it was so neat that her son remembered Tug's name. I loved James's accomplishments. I think he sounds very advanced for his age. :) Keep on keeping on! Love, A dedicated fan