Sunday, October 21, 2007

Did you hear...

ALRIGHT ALREADY, Yes I've heard...Dumbledore is gay. Who cares. Personally I care more if the Indians win tonight and that the Buckeyes keep winning but since I am short of post ideas I thought I would address this.
In the interest of full disclosure, I have read all Potter books and I would call myself a fan. I am not overly obsessed, I haven't seen the newest film...wait maybe I have. I think hubby and I went to see it but only because it fit into the time slot of available babysitting, or was that the last HP movie--actually I honestly don't know if I've seen the most recent one. Tangent.
I don't understand the reasoning of this disclosure by Rowlings though. The 7th book is written, Albus is no longer with us, WHY BOTHER?
Potter takes a lot of criticism from Christian circles and I am sure this will only perpetuate that. BUT, from my pov, I think this character (remember folks, these are just characters)being gay isn't a problem and here is why (you ready for it)...
As Christians and Catholics we are taught to love the sinner, hate the sin. In terms of homosexuality, BEING gay IS NOT a sin. Remember, we still don't know the exact cause of homosexuality. For all we know, a person very well could be born that way. Which means God made them that way. Every person struggles with their own demons, and this is (perhaps) the cross they have to carry.
HOWEVER, it is a sin to act upon ones gayness (is that a word?). In the HP books, Dumby never acted upon it. So, he could very well be considered a hero to the gay community--he bore this cross without moving to San Francisco, talking with a lisp, wearing rainbows or marching in parades, we can too. Unfortunately they won't see it that way and will now probably insinuate all sorts of sinister things. I would be VERY careful about future movies too now that this is 'out' to the media. I'm already feeling lightheaded from the spin.

My kids have not read any HP book, but I would consider letting them once they are a little older. I would reiterate to them the point I feel most overlooked:
These are books for entertainment and it is all make-believe! Oh yeah, and I would not call ANY of these characters heroes--I would rather they look to the Saints for those.

Due to a recent spam post I now have my comments set to moderate so please do not bother responding to this post (unless to tell me how brilliant I am). I will not post any comments arguing the case against Potter--I am not interested in a debate and this is MY blog so PPPPPLLLLLTTTTT :) Juvenile I know, but this is about juvenile books...

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Amy Caroline said...

The problem is that according to the article read to me by my husband (because I was so mad I wouldn't read it, lol) was that Rowling said that he did act upon it. The character that he visited as a teen "to study" was the true love of his life.
And I agree with you about the love the sinner not the sin! Just that I feel she betrayed so many of her fans by turning it into political agenda.
And you are brilliant, my dear!!

The Wades said...

i think it was silly that she thought it necessary to even "out" him, but i agree w/ a lot of what you said. well written--surprising to hear you hang in there as a fan.