Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Original Fashion Faux Pas

I suppose I shouldn't say original since I am sure there were more prior to this but the comment from (Auntie Nee said... I love the shirt thing. You should have put that on your blog. She was just making up for the time I put her in Tugs pj's. As you will recall they to were small.) reminded me of this incident. This was when L was just shy of 2 (as best as I can tell since in the same folder were pics of R as a newborn). Auntie Nee was graciously watching the little one (since there was only one at the time, my how we have grown) and got her ready for bed. The details of this event are sketchy but here's a pic.The jammies use to be Tug's--a family friend (Ann) sent them to us when L was born. Funny how Auntie Nee accomodated L's belly by slipping a onesie on underneath the jammies.

If memory serves, those are baseball players...or mitts...or something baseball themed...guess memory doesn't quite serve.

Moral of story(ies): I need to clean out the kid's drawers.

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Auntie Nee said...

Look at the brain on Bernie. LOVE IT