Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas

Earlier today I told the girls to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt for PE. L did as told but when I saw her I told her she needed to go change because her shirt looked too small. She, of course, argued. Now, it wasn't too small in the sense that body parts were being exposed, it just looked a little too tight and the sleeves didn't seem right but, being in a hurry, I said fine. Move on to 2 minutes ago ( ± depending on when you read this)--I tell the girls to go get changed for bed. R just came in and said, "You need to go cut L's shirt off, it is too tight and she can't take it off."
Luckily she somehow managed to wiggle herself (with much effort) out.

I told L to bring me the offending shirt, tag says size xs 2/4. For those who don't know, she is SEVEN.

L (7 yo): Did you know Susie* is the only one in her family?
R (5 yo): You mean she doesn't have any brothers or sisters? (said with tinge of sadness)
L: No, it's just her. She has a neighbor.
R: Why doesn't she have brothers or sisters?
L: I don't know, God just gave her mom and dad Susie.
Novel idea to think God is the one responsible for providing you with children. Kids could teach adults a thing or two.
*names have been changed to protect the innocent
Riddle me this...
Why is it that watching The Biggest Loser makes me want to eat? But not just eat, it makes me want to eat junk food?! I mean shouldn't I be getting inspired to work-out or at least eat a little less?
Hmmm, let me go grab some cookies while I mull it over.

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Auntie Nee said...

I love the shirt thing. You should have put that on your blog. She was just making up for the time I put her in Tugs pj's. As you will recall they to were small.