Saturday, October 13, 2007


Saturday is better know as Sporturday around here, and today didn't disappoint (Tug wants me to clarify that we don't actually call Saturday sporturday). For you poor people who don't spend your Saturdays sprawled on the couch, here are updates:

  • L's soccer team lost. Not new news.
  • R's soccer team won but in their communist ideals they don't keep score in kinderleague. Contrary to my husband's belief, I am not a communist so I was keeping count-she scored 4 goals.
  • #1 LSU lost to Kentucky (UK is ranked but I don't remember where, think around 17) in 3OT
  • #2 Cal lost to unranked Oregon State. GO BEAVERS
  • #3 Ohio State whomped on Kent State 48-3(if you are wondering why Ohio State is playing a cupcake so late in the season they have replaced their bye week with a game so logic makes it a cupcake game)
  • #3 OHIO STATE should now be NUMBER ONE BABY
  • Jeff Gordon won tonight and is still Nextel Cup Points Leader. The DuPont Chevrolet was running just great tonight...
  • Cleveland Indians beat the Boston RedSox 13-6 in 11 innings to tie the ALCSeries 1-1. Series now headed to Cleveland.
  • Texas Tech Vick(ed) 'Em Aggies
  • [Found this out last night] Randy Couture resigned from the UFC (Tug wanted me to add that to the list)

Aside from the aTm loss, it was an AWESOME day for sports!!

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Jessica said...

Way to go R!!! Good job with all those goals!