Thursday, October 11, 2007

Technology Sucks

Sorry, a little long winded but worth it...
Alright, I got suckered into checking out Photoshop. I was looking at a website that had awesome pictures and she showed how Photoshop made pictures go from that to this (this obviously being much better than that.) So, I go to and find the cheap version which was still too much but whatever. Alright-click download, watch estimated time of download increase, increase, increase finally stop. Download takes about an hour (that is WITH broadband connection) slightly annoying but I have nothing better to do so...OK, click install. Installing, installing, installing, uh-oh. Error message "A problem occurred while extracting some files. Check available space on your computer and the write privileges on the destination folder" Um, huh?? Alright, I'll just give tech support a call

Ring, ring, ring

Automated operator, uh-oh Indian accent (dots not feathers--not being racist, just clarifying and NO I don't need sensitivity training). Their font color will be red because that is what I was seeing.

Thank you for calling Adobe customer service how can I help you?

I explain the problem and am told that I need to speak with tech support not customer service but he will kindly transfer me. Fine, thanks, you have a great day also.

New Indian asking for a serial number (this is a 24 digit # by the way) so they can verify which product I am calling about. Why I can't just verbally name the product which is 3 words, I don't know. I oblige and get transferred to the SPECIALIST of the product.

New person, clearly American. I say I had problems installing the downloaded product but saw somewhere that I can order the product in CD form and was hoping to just do that. Sure, no problem let me just transfer you to customer service. Actually, I just came from customer service, they said I needed to talk to you about that. Hmmm, that's weird, let me check. I know we don't do it but let me find out who does....ok, I need to transfer you to sales. Fine, yeah you have a nice day too.

New person, also American. Tell him I want the trial CD since I am having problems with the download. Great, I can do that for you, it will just be $40 more for the cd's. WHAT?? $40 just for some CD's? Yes ma'am, would you like me to order that for you, or I can transfer you to tech support and I'm sure they can help you with the issue. Well, I was hoping to just get the cd's so I didn't have to deal with all of this. I mean a CD is like 25¢ I can't believe you'd charge an additional $40--I already paid for the program. Silence. Yeah, just transfer me back to tech support, yes you have a good day too.

Next person is one of the Indians I have already spoken to and NO I don't believe his real name is Sam. Serial number again, can't I just tell you which program it is. Fine, the serial number is...

Alright, back to an American tech support person. Sure ma'am, I can walk you through this, just right click on the icon. There is no icon, it won't install. Oh that sounds like you had a problem with the download. I will double check to see if we are having download problems, in the meantime I am going to transfer you to the department that handles downloads. Grunt.

Indian I have already spoken to (do you believe her real name is Betty?) wanting that F*ing serial number again. ARGH, but I oblige and refuse to tell her to have a good day. These people are real idiot savants, sans savants.

Back to customer service. Yes ma'am, so from what I heard you say, you downloaded the product then it said it couldn't extract the files and that it is having write privileges issues. Um, sure. Well, you will need to speak to tech support for that, let me just transfer you. I just spoke with tech support, they said I have to speak with you. Oh, you just spoke with tech support, did they give you a case number. No. I see, can I have your customer number. Yeah, it's... Well, I see a case here for you ma'am but there are no notes. Silence. He just went silent. What does he expect me to do about that? Um, ok so... Well, let me just transfer you back to tech support and I am sure they can help you. I am sorry for your troubles. I am transferring you now.

Please tell me this is a joke, really Sam, I just spoke to you 5 seconds ago, you need my serial number again?????

Back on hold to speak with tech support.

Are you wondering how this story is going to end? Well, I hung up. That's right, I was on the phone for at least 45 minutes then I just hung up. Think I just wasted your time with this story? Good, now you know how I felt.

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Auntie Nee said...

Welcome to American made products. The problem with them is all support is in other countries. That is why you should just buy a mac and be done with it cuz all the graphic programs come on it standard.

Amy Caroline said...

Oh you poor thing! I have so had that conversation before and it ... well stinks!