Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh the thinks that I thought

Yesterday while killing time with the girls at CCD Tug and I went to the grocery store. We needed diapers for both Hammie and Sweetie. Welllll, I got the grand idea to go ahead and start potty training HB since the price of diapers just kills me. What was I thinking?
For those who don't know I potty train according to this book (I have a book for everything) thanks to my sis-in-law (thanks to her friend Misha). It has worked wonderfully with the two older girls. I know, everyone has said "Ah, but boys are different." To that I reply it also worked great for my s-i-l's boy and Misha's.
Now, it has been roughly 3 yrs since I last did this but I vaguely remember the premise being:
*Once out of diapers, NEVER go back
*Use regular underwear always except during sleep times and when you are out initially (we call pullups nite-nite panties undies and bye-bye panties undies--so hard to remember this one is a boy)
* Have them drink a whole lot the day of training and eat salty snacks to provide a lot of accidents opportunities
*Hold on for dear life

So we start and he is VERY excited for his potty and his underwear CAAAA  CAAAuntil it is actually time to get in them or on it. He refuses to sit so the candy reward that is for actually peeing became the reward for just sitting. Argh, not off to a very good start. Power on, power on, we can get through this. Accident #1. Alright, this is an opportunity to practice. Success #1--WOO HOO, he is going to actually get this. Accident #2 small set back, learn that unlike girls, boys pee can go everywhere--I change pants and wash my legs. Accident #3 When is naptime? Success #2 & 3 then naptime...finally. That entire time, he screamed each time he sat down. I had to read to him on the pot to keep him on the pot. He got lots of candy for no particular reason. BUT, the last 10 min or so before naptime he started getting it and freaking out while standing cuz pee was about to come out. I don't think we had any accidents after naptime YEAH. Tug was home for all of an hour before bedtime (did I make bedtime a little early tonight? You betcha) because he took Sugar to soccer and Boo went along. He thanked God he wasn't the mama because he said "I would have knocked the piss out of him if I had to do that all day." I am pretty sure he was kidding :)

Tomorrow I get to look forward to more of the same. Hopefully around mid day he will fully get it...why am I doing this again?

Future Chef

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The Wades said...

so feeling your pain! at least we know the misery pays off. keep on keepin' on! midday tomorrow--definitely! :) he couldn't look any cuter! love

Jessica said...

wow! Good for you! I wish I had that kind of dedication. I would love to be down to "just one" in diapers!

Auntie Nee said...

I think that he should just wear the undies on his head at all times!!!! It is a GREAT look. Love it!!!

Amy Caroline said...

I use that same book, though loosely. It took my little man a little longer than the girls but I always wait till they are about three too. So much eaiser!
But I know your pain in regards to the price of diapers. I have done cloth, but the latest little one has a BAD reaction to them. So... I hate shelling out all that money. Drives me batty.