Monday, October 29, 2007

I (air quotes) love Brett Favre

Tonight the Packers played the Broncos on MNF. The game was in Denver which apparently is one of only 3 stadiums in which Brett has never won. Well, tonight he did. Now what I love about Brett is his complete love for the game. As time expired the Broncos kicked a game tying field goal. The Packers got the ball first and on (I believe) the first play of OT Favre threw a bomb down field and the Packers scored a touchdown winning the game (pro OT is sudden death unlike college). While the ball is in the air Farve is running backwards towards his own endzone, just in case the ball is picked off--love that he is realistic about his interception rate. Once the Packer receiver caught the ball and headed to the endzone Farve took off in a dead sprint, arms raised, towards his players. Sheer joy on his face. It is easy to see that he has returned to play for the love of the game. He isn't here for money (though I am sure it doesn't hurt). He isn't here for the records (though I am sure they feel good). He isn't here for the fame (though he is loved by many). Plain and simple, he loves football and he plays it like (I imagine) he did when he was 16 though he is now 38. It's just so...cute!
Oh, he also went to Southern Mississippi...hey girl.

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Auntie Nee said...

Go Southern Miss. They won again this weekend