Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kiddy Talk

Heard in our house today:

Sugar from the kitchen "How much pieces of candy did Hammie eat?"
I am sitting on the couch in the living room about to correct her when she mutters to herself
"Actually I should say many"


Tug asking Boo why she was crying so much tonight (rug-burned her knee, cried because her sister was going to start the water for the shower, not being able to hold SP) "I'm just having a rough day!"--said while crying.

Hambone "No wipin'" while looking at a Dora book. His expression is what makes it extra cute (is trying to say swiper no swiping)

Mom: Hammie, check your undies, are they dry?
H: Yeah...(checks them) bry!

Sugar when asked by Tug to get some Q-tips for Sweet Pea "That's why I say you never know how dirty your ears are until you clean them" (I would call that a Joey-ism)

Mom: Boo, I want you to put these clean Q-tips back in the pack and throw these away, but...
Boo: Ok.
Mom: Wait, listen. Put these away first then come back and get the...
Boo: Mom, I can do it. I put the other ones away already from Sweet Pea.
Mom: Boo, ok great. I just don't want you to get mixed up and accidentally put the dirty ones with the rest and throw the clean ones away. So, go put the clean ones away first then come back for the dirty ones.
Boo (while walking away, in a rather snotty tone): I'd be able to tell cuz the dirty ones would have gunk on them.
Mom to Dad: Well, she does kinda have a point.

Tug: Mom, did you know it's breast awareness month? (he calls me mom so don't get grossed out--it was very confusing when his mom was in town visiting when SP was born)

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