Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm a sucker for a man wearing a hat. Why is it that hats can make a man look so cute? I mean, it can totally change their appearance. Take Kenny Chesney for example. I thought he was pretty cute, until I saw him de-hatted. Holy smokes, get a hair transplant already! Same for his buddy Tim McGraw. Anyway, I am thinking of this because I am watching the Indians/Red Sox game and me thinks baseball players benefit from this phenomenon most. I use to think Chipper Jones was pretty cute. You know how this ends, de-hatted, debunked on cuteness. This years favorite player would have to be Grady Sizemore. Lookin good Carter, so long as you keep on that hat!
I suppose it could work the same for girls. Tug has mentioned before how cute Terry Clark is with her cowgirl had on, he thought she looked like a man once without it (hmm, maybe cowfolks are the 2nd highest beneficiary).
I was once told, while wearing an Indians ballcap "Hi there Omar (Vizquel). You look cute." Um, what. Omar Vizquel?? Why'd you pick him, cuz he's mexican? What are you a racist? I mean, he is soooo not cute, even with a bball hat on. What kind of compliment was that you goof?

Allright, so it worked...I ended up marrying him. Luckily he is cute, with or without a hat!

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The Wades said...

so so true on both kenny and tim! you're clever--and i do enjoy my hubby w/ a hat. hee hee. jk. he's always adorably handsome. max just said he enjoys himself more w/ a hat! :) (he looks dang good w/ ball cap or cowboy hat.) why do i ramble so??? what your finnish peep must think!

The Wades said...

fyi--i cannot read your blogs w/ music playing. i must always turn it off. :)

Auntie Nee said...

Hats make all the difference in the world. There is a guy I work with that is REALLY cute with a hat. The prob is that he took it off and now... Not so much. OH WELL!!!! I shouldn't be picky cuz look at me... still single