Monday, October 15, 2007

I have a lack of topics tonight. Tug is out of town and the kids weren't very funny today.
I was hoping my dermatology appt earlier today would provide fodder, but it was pretty routine (or my guess of routine since this was a first for me). I was overjoyed when the nurse said I could keep my pants on. You don't say! I mean I am here to have a mole on my NECK checked-out; I really get to keep my pants on for that. Had I known this was a remote possibility, I would have shaved. Foresight had me dress in a t-shirt with a tank-top underneath to avoid the gown. The doc was a nice enough old man. He came in and asked why I was there. I told him about the mole on my neck (my concern) and the one on my back (Tug's concern). He has me turn around-says the back mole is fine, looks at my shoulders then asks about my belly and lifts my tank-top a little. WHOOOOOA there doc. I mean fine, you are a dermatologist you have to cover your mole bases. BUT you didn't even take a history. You have NO IDEA that I have 4 kids, the youngest being born just months ago. My stomach didn't look like this pre-kids, but you didn't even ask if I have kids. For all you know, my omentum (that's for u miguelita) is a result of too many DQ heath blizzards and turtle sundae bowls (now don't get confused here, those only prolong the look, they weren't the original cause). AND, how dare you try and look at my belly with those magnifying glasses on!!!! The nerve-as if I need any body part magnified...with both eyes!
Oh, end result was to burn "off" the mole on my neck. Off is in " because I am not sure if it is totally removed, as it stands I now have a dark mark on my neck but I think the nurse said it should be entirely removed. I'll let you all know if I am dying of skin cancer when the results come in.
Hmm, I guess that visit did provide some material afterall.

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The Wades said...

sounds brutal. once when i went to dermatologist, i pretty much got examined EVERYWHERE!!! (think bikini area.) i tried to tell them that that part of my body NEVER EVER saw the light of day. they didn't care. i haven't been back.

Auntie Nee said...

Well at least all you had to do was your stomach. When working with the doc he had to look at a gentleman's area and remove a mole from there. Be Happy.