Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Living in laughter

I tell these silly stories to hopefully brighten your day

Today during religion we were discussing virtues/sin. Discussion went as follows:
Mom: Can someone make you sin?
L&R: No.
Mom: If someone tried to talk you into doing a sin, what should you say to them?
L: I won't do that because I am Catholic (said more questioning-ly than emphatically).
Mom (chuckling): Well, you could say that or you could just say no.


I got my monthly Reader's Digest today (my mom buys me this subscription, I don't know why) and was going through it. There is a picture of a new flying car someone is coming up with. R saw the picture and said:
R: What's that?
Dad: A flying car.
R: Cool, can we get one?
Mom: Oh sure, we will just drive down to our local flying car dealership and get one.
R looked at me for awhile trying to decide if I was serious. I guess my staring back did not clue her in to my sarcasm because
R: I want a purple one.

eep, opp, orp, ah-ah that means I love you.

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Auntie Nee said...

I want a blue one.