Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Overall I must say this has been a good week. I did relatively well sticking to Phase I of SB, though I did have some brown rice when I went to Heather's house last Friday. Actually, that statement might be false. I did well restricting my carbs BUT I tend to go more Atkins and eat higher fat proteins, instead of the lower fat SB ones. I do eat some low fat proteins but am not above having a double cheeseburger sans bun from Burger King (didn't this week though).  And why bother with low carb if I can't have sausage and eggs for breakfast?

Hopefully the scale agreed with me!

Weekly Goals:
Keep on keeping on

Regina: -4
Paula: ±0, keep trying
Renee: -2, good job
Amy: -2.9, you're smokin'!!
Jessica: -1, very nice
Erica: -5, ROCK ON, great job
Laura: -1, yeah...step it up a notch ok
Michelle (rosetta): +2, you'll get back on track
Angela:±0, dont give up
Christine: ±0, slow & steady wins the race
MIchelle (WA): ±0, dont give up
Juli: -.6, a loss is a loss~be happy!!
Keri: -1.5, way to go
Shelly: -12 (3 week total) AWESOME!!
Cecilia: +1.5, good job working out 
Michelle (sil): ±0, dont give up
Lori: -5, great job!!

If I have left anyone off, please tell me via comments and I will add you. Remember, anyone can join at any time!

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Michelle said...

up 2.


Paula in MN said...

No pain, no gain.

Made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate.

Busy With Blessings said...

Hi. I'm Lori. I just finished week one and feel great! Down 5 lbs and 8 in. total!!!

Shelly said...

okay - i weighed in this morn.

-12 lbs

i think i'll stick to phase I for a while longer.

and that's all diet too. i only got on the treadmill 3 times :(

i need to get better about motivating to exercise. it's tough for me to find the time. or is it *make* the time?.....

Shelly said...

oh, and that's what i've lost the entire 3 wks.

Keri said...

down 1.5. so that is actually down .5 since beginning weight. but down is down. (i know, twss.) i was lousy on exercise and food. but i'll start over today with a good attitude.
btw, ever heard of the pear-shaped women? smaller on top and WIDE on the bottom? Meme.

Keri said...

does SB really not allow brown rice? brown rice? brown should be fine?

Juli said...

I'm starting to wish I knew more about this phase I South Beach you all are talking about, because I'm only down .6
I've been up and down all week. I didn't exercise and had a girls night out Sunday night.

Heather said...

great job, Regina! Keep it up and I still say brown rice is a very good thing to eat. (Plus you maybe had a bite of it!)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

One, lousy, stinkin' pound down.

That shouldn't even count.

I think it's because I had a dozen choc chip oatmeal (hey! oatmeal is healthy, right?) cookies on Sunday, and Saturday night I drank a whole bottle of wine. Other than that, I've been following SB to the letter. I think I am retaining water from the change of hormones (quit nursing this week)...also, that could explain the wine and the cookies. I have not eaten past 8 pm but only ran about 12 miles this week.

The great loss from phase I can be addicting but it's good to start adding good carbs eventually and start phase II. I did it before and it worked until I got pregnant and didn't care anymore. I wouldn't do more than three weeks of phase I.

elm said...


Too happy to say much more. Is this new salty substance TEARS of joy??

Christine said...

Congratulations to everyone who succeeded in losing weight this week!

±0 ~ I only exercised for 10 minutes last week. Hopefully, I will be able to do more this week.

Jessica said...

I am amazed at some of the results!! That is awesome! I am only down 1 pound this week (and 3")... Better than I was hoping for though! I posted on details on my blog. Thanks Regina, and GREAT JOB!!!!!

Shelly said...

KERI- SB allows brown rice in the later phases, but not in phase 1 [usually 2wks - but in my case 20wks!! LOL]

Cecilia said...

first up by 1.5.. Don't understand but did walk everyday this week! Humm.. I have to see whats getting me! Thanks

Michelle (WA) said...

---> 0 no change

Congratulations to everyone. Some of the numbers are very encouraging for me not to give up!

Amy said...

down 2.9! Just .1 away from my goal. Ugh.
And way to go on the 4 lbs!!!

The Wades said...

I messed up and ate before weighing. I showed a .5 gain, but it might have been a wash had I not eaten and drank. I exercised twice this past week. An improvement, but still pathetic. I have done a better job w/ my eating.

Auntie Nee said...

sorry forgot to do this yesterday. I am down 2 as of this morning.

Angela said...

Hi Regina,
Chiming in late here . . .
No change for me.