Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Aaaaahhhhhh, one whole week has come and gone. It is funny how it can seem so long, but so short at the same time. This was a relatively successful week. I have had no, zip, zero, nada Dr Pepper since last Tuesday night (so a whole week, yeah) and the first 2 days I had the headaches to prove it. I am basically over it and don't crave it at all so yippy (now to never touch the stuff again). Michelle sent me an email with a link to (which I think someone else spoke about earlier in the WoW business but I don't remember who/when and I am too lazy to go back and find it). I have been using that the past 2 days to track food/exercise. It is nice because you can enter your goal weight and by when you want to reach that goal. They then tell you how many calories to eat and how much to exercise, even giving you an exercise plan (which you can customize if you want). You can enter your food info (calories/fat/protein/carbs etc) to make it an online journal. I am a bit of a creature of habit, eating the same things over and over and over again (except dinner, Tug doesn't like the same dinner over and over and over again) so it now is pretty quick since I have my foods set up. is another place where you can find the caloric value of just about anything (I used to use that site but it seems sparkpeople has pretty much all I need). Oh, sparkpeople and calorieking are both free (though there are portions of calorieking that have to be paid for but finding caloric values is free.)

I am writing this on 1/13 night since some of you are Eastern Time, I will check backwith my results which I fear is not going to be the 5lb (hit it out of the park) loss I had initially hoped for, but it should be a loss which is a gain, right? Leave your results in the comments. 

Last Week's Goals:
food log-started doing on Monday so not entirely check
exercise 30 min day/6 days week~check
no more dr pepper ~check, check, CHECK 

This Week's Goals:
Continue exercising 30 min/day 6 days/week
Track food every day
Don't weigh self again until next Wed (so I don't get discouraged, I know this sounds like a silly goal but when I am trying to lose weight I tend to weigh myself daily and get annoyed)

Regina: -1.5
Shelly: still on SB, good job sticking to it!
Paula: -6 woo hoo, nice work
Renee: -3 great work
Amy: -2.3 super great
Jessica: -2.5 nice work
Erica: starting this week, will weigh in next week. 
Laura: -11 holy crap, AWESOME job. 
Michelle (rosetta): -2
Angela: -0 good job still working out at Curves
Christine: (you can make wow mean whatever you want ;) +1, you'll get there next week!
Michelle (filledwithjoy): -0 GREAT job on no Pepsi
Juli: -1.2 great job, woo hoo
Keri: -0, good job getting your exercise in

If I left anyone off please let me know, leave a comment and I will add you. Remember, anyone can join at ANY time!

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Anonymous said...

I've lost 6 pounds. I thought it would be more with the amount of time I've been spending in the powder room. BTW, I love the new look!

Juli said...

Down 1.2 lbs. I need to take your advice and not weigh myself everyday. I've been up a pound down a pound all week and it's been driving me crazy! I'm glad you posted about sparkpeople as well, because I have been using and it's $9 a month! I'm about to go cancel it.
I wish mine was a 5 or 6 pound loss this week, too. Maybe next week.

Shelly said...

um...TMI, Paula...

Regina I think the scale plays head games with me - so that's why i don't weigh myself until PHASE 1 is over. I can still tell i'm losing anyway b/c of clothing so it's positive in that respect.

Shelly said...

Oh Yeah and GO PAULA!!! 6 LBS!??? that is wonderful!! keep it going!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I used to drive myself crazy with the weigheveryday thing so my goals were to
-stop eating after 8pm
-drink more hot tea and less cold milk
-not weigh myself every day
-cut out carbs (phase 1 of sbd)
-keep up with the running
-add more veggies and not feel hungry (like the first time I tried sbd)

I accomplished ALL of my goals. I didn't starve, felt great, felt FULL, didn't dare weigh myself, and resisted the temptation to binge at night. WOWIE! It payed off!

I'm almost afraid to tell you how much I lost...except for the fact that I was eating a LOT of food during December and had gained 10 pounds...not kidding. SO, I jiggled the scale in disbelief, jumped up and down on it a few times, checked the balance of it. It didn't matter what I did or how I jiggled (I still jiggle too but...) I lost 11 pounds! Amazing. I still have about 20 to go and I think Tommy is weening so it might go down faster because of that, but man...I can hardly believe it. I had to pinch myself (good thing there's still a LOT to pinch!).
I'm so proud of you, Regina! I like the taming of the bad habits instead of starting NEW bad habits (starving, obsessing) as a method of getting healthier).

Keri said...

You didn't put me on your list... *pout*
I told you I was up 6 lbs since starting to blog. Very Seriously.
I weighed and I did not lose any this week. I've worked out 4 days and did have chocolate today for breakfast.
Oh....I just finished your interview. It was fun. Thanks.

elm said...

OK - Good job to you all. Today I make my first WOW step on the scale and will begin my weight loss plans for this week. The first week is hard... so, wish me luck!

Christine said...

Ummm, I think that I need to start exercising. I gained 1 pound. :( Time to look at sparkpeople and the dietary guidelines that I was given when I was pregnant.

Anonymous said...


I am proud of you for all of your accomplishments. I watch all the programs for weight loss, but do you think I would do anything about it? Do you use the protein powder? I would be glad to send more.


Mimi said...

Sounds good. Counting calories is the key, as annoying as it can be. I use

Jessica said...

Good job Regina!! I should stop weighing each day too... Maybe next week. ;)

Anyhow, -2.5 pounds and -3.5 inches for me... It's a start. I posted more on my blog. =)

Jessica said...

And WOW!! Paula and Laura!!! That is AWESOME!!

Michelle said...

Great job, Ladies!
Well, I've been off the Pepsi the whole week, but didn't do much more than walk with Regina. Honestly, I can't tell if I've lost since when I move the scale around the bathroom it reads various weights. LOL I think I didn't loose anything, but I really like the scale next to the says I dropped 5 lbs. 8-) I'll try harder for next week.

Angela said...

Hi Regina,
I had no change this week, but I didn't really expect it right away. I am not really changing my diet, just going to Curves.
So that's my news to report!

Auntie Nee said...

I have only lost 3 lbs. So that stinks but I guess ok as well

Amy said...

Sorry!! couldn't get to the computer till now! I lost 2.3 lbs! Yeah me! LOL.... Not as much as it should have been, but I will try and write about that on the blog if Ben will let me...
Great job everybody!

elm said...

OK - here's the scoop. Mark me as a +/-0. I didn't weigh last week, so I don't know how well things went with watching my eating and all that. I didn't eat like I might have normally on a trip with a long stay in a hotel. So, I made very conscious choices this past week and began weaning myself from my holiday sugar high (I say "holiday" as it was more than Christmas... it also included Thanksgiving, New Year's, Epiphany, although less so on Epiphany!) So, I am "in" and will be working hard!

Michelle said...

Down 2. On the treadmill twice. Situps and pushups maybe 4 times.

Ate half a loaf of pumpkin bread yesterday at a playdate. Bad, huh?

My goal this week is to get all of my usual foods into sparkpeople for tracking.

And go down another 2.

And get on the treadmill 4 times.

Cecilia said...

Oh..this is great. I want to join! I need the help! God bless,