Thursday, January 29, 2009

Huh meme

Paula and Barb both tagged me for this fake meme. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure what to do but after clicking back to find others who have done it I think you are supposed to show a picture of your purse and show an impromptu (taken right then) image of yourself. Normally that is a meme I would say thanks but no thanks to (ack, a picture of ME) but luckily I read somewhere the one exception: The exception to posting a picture of yourself is if your oldest daughter got new glasses yesterday. Furthermore, they have to be new glasses AND her very first pair. So, if your daughter received her very first pair of glasses, they are new, and she got them may put an image of her in place of yourself. phew.

Luckily my purse isn't as neurotic and was willing to pose for a pic.

OH YEAH, Paula also listed the contents of her purse so...

* one wallet with 2 checkbooks, a safeway card, an alberstons card, a sears portrait super saver card, an invalid sams club card, 2 identakid cards (L was 4, R was 2), an invalid debit card, a library card, an invalid costco card, a barnes and noble gift card that i am pretty sure has nothing on it, 2 debit cards, my drivers license, a pen, 2 shot records, 4 ymca towel cards, a group picture of the kids from before {s} was born, membership cards to the washington state museum and to the point defiance zoo, 5 health insurance cards, 2 credit cards, and a punch card for fun kuts

*{l}'s new glasses prescription

*4 different lip glosses/balms (softlips vanilla~use it, ripe red currant bath and body works lip balm~dont use it, lancome juicy tube~dont use it, aveda lip glaze~use it)

*a pack of orbit sweet mint gum (dont like the flavor)

*3 barnes and noble gift cards

*another fun kuts punch card

*another pen

*an unopened pack of orbit spearmint gum (i do like this flavor)

*2 bobby pins

*1 paperclip

*.29 (one quarter, 4 pennies)

*spare (valet) key to the van

*just found one more bobby pin and .11 (one dime, one penny) in the cell phone pocket

18 people are laughing with me:

scmom (Barbara) said...

Cheater. Chiseler. Cozener. Chicken. Coward. Craven. Caitiff.

O.k. I'm out of words. :-P

Sara said...

Ouch, Barbara!

Nice purse, r.

Shelly said...

i'm right there with you regina! although i like the *idea* of the meme, not a real fan of the self photo!!

Paula in MN said...

Love the purse. Cheater.

Erin said...

I LOVE Lauren's new glasses! Cute girl! Does she like them? She's young to already have her dad's poor eyesight . . . mine didn't get bad until I was 14.

scmom (Barbara) said...

What a doll in those new, hip frames!!

Paula in MN said... is it even remotely possible that you have a daughter as cute as all that? I've been wearing glasses or contacts since 1st grade (which was a LONG time ago) and I have NEVER looked that cute in glasses. My 10yo daughter is jealous that she doesn't have glasses like that. Thanks for posting her picture - now I'm in trouble.

Mimi said...

Congratulations to your daughter! She's adorable.

Auntie Nee said...

love the glasses sug

Anonymous said...

very chic mi mamas. They almost look like mine

Keri said...

Is that your wedding picture that I just noticed for the first time? Beautiful.

And your oldest is too precious! I like mamas that take care of their kids needs. I send home referrals for parents to take their child to the eye doctor and about 30% blow it off.

Very Nice Purse! Those are expensive, aren't they?

Since you were going through your things anyway, please tell me that you got rid of everything invalid? It makes me kind of anxious. Bizarre!

Shelly said...

i'm sorry - did you say BOBBY PINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm starting to wonder if you actually exist.

You must be a hideous troll person with googly eyes, huge, bulbous nose, and 8 arms or something.

I'm going to start calling you Squidward until you prove me otherwise.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...
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Laura The Crazy Mama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura The Crazy Mama said...

LOVE the glasses! She's so pretty in them!

She must look like Tug.

The Wades said...

The comments on this are great.

I think that was amazing luck that meme had alternative rules! And, good thing your daughter looks so adorable in her new glasses!!! So cute.

You know, I could never do this meme. I don't do the self pictures and my purse is a hideous nightmare right now! Contents: two Twizzlers, 118 gum wrappers, 10 smushed Milk Duds, etc. etc!!

Kimberly said...

Sweet glasses! Fab Bag!


Hey...if I had to do it...EVERYONE has to do it!