Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Mother of pearl, is it seriously only week 2 and I have to post a gain already. ONLY WEEK TWO. Bloody hell.

Technically I don't know if I have to post a gain as, once again, I am writing this the night before. I can assure you that it hasn't been a good week. I have gotten in all my exercise (at least 30 min/day*6 days/week) but eating wise it has not been pleasant. Well, it has been pleasant, but it hasn't been WoW worthy (like the delicious Red Robin burger I had for dinner last night...yum). I think I will start South Beach like you other losers (literally). Ah yeah, I still haven't had Dr Pepper~and likely won't so I won't update on that again unless I actually drink it. 

Weekly Goals:
Start South Beach
Continue exercise 30 min/day * 6 days/week

Regina: ±0, it's a Christmas miracle
Paula: clean slate
Amy: -3.7, fantastico
Jessica: -2, awesome work
Erica:+.2, but after eating breakfast so likely ±0 at most
Laura: ±0, um yeah you are training for a 
marathon~go you superwoman
Michelle (rosetta): -2, good job
Angela:-2, very good job
Christine: -1, muy bueno!
Michelle (wa): -3, amazing
Juli:-3.4, great job!!
Keri: +1, good job though with your exercise
Shelly: not weighing in yet, whoopsie 
on leaving you off
Cecilia: starting this week 

If I have left anyone off, please tell me via comments and I will add you. Remember, anyone can join at any time!

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Paula in MN said...

I'm chucking it all and starting over - today - with South Beach. Again. Yes, I slipped over the weekend. I can't help it - my husband makes the best Gussie's Fried Chicken in the world (ht: Paula Deen.) On Monday, the life insurance folks were here...with their scale. Not pretty. Seems that my scale is off by a few pounds, like 10.

Juli said...

Don't give up ladies. My scale seemed to be stuck for a while and it's very discouraging. But you feel better for eating healthier don't you? Sometimes when they scale doesn't move, the measuring tape still does. It could just be due to water weight.
I am reporting a 3.4 lb. loss this week. I am making a goal this week to MAKE time to exercise instead of waiting for somebody to give me some time to workout. I also wanted to say if you have a sweet tooth like me, Fudgesicles really help me through. 40 calories for one and a serving is actually two fudgesicles. Coming in second for my sweet tooth are chocolate pudding cups (80 or 90 calories per cup) and if you need a cookie get Nabisco's gingersnaps. 120 calories for four cookies. My problem with the cookies is that I have a hard time just stopping at four.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Hmmmmm. Just got off the scale. BIG, fat zero. WHAAAAT? I could have SWORN, by my habits and how I felt in my clothes, that I would have lost at least five more pounds. Here's my theory:
Since I didn't cheat, not even ONCE, and since I've been running and exercising, maybe those 11 pounds from the week before were really extra pounds from fall/Christmas and easier to lose. Maybe the ones I'm stuck with are going to be a little trickier to lose and require me to step it up a little? I am still doing phase one of SBD so I think I'll stick with one more week of that and then start adding in some VERY RELUCTANT, healthy carbs. Not many! Just a few to balance things out. I don't crave any sweets, so that's not a problem. I guess I should be happy my clothes fit better this week? I'm also done nursing Tommy, as of yesterday, so it could be that my body is trying desperately to adjust?

Keri said...

I exercised 4 times this week. Purchased a pedometer. Used it. Still have not had any half & half in my coffee. And the result.... one pound GAIN. @%&$^*^@!

Shelly said...

ummm thanks for forgetting me Loser!
i know i'm not weighing in yet, but come on!!

Shelly said...

and by "Loser" i mean LITERALLY


Sarah (JOT) said...

I love the reparte here! I'm not officially dieting - yet - though I ought to get serious about MOVING my butt 'cos I'll be slopping rather than gracing the beaches of Oahu when we move there in May. I know, now you can all hate me, too. :-) I weigh 160 and I'm 64" tall. Not good. So, I need to hit the gym and drop 30 pounds. Ugh!!

Angela said...

Hi Regina,
I am down 2 pounds as of this morning.
Don't despair, the other day I was up 2 pounds! My weight seems to flucuate even in a day; I could get on the scale tonight and be back up 2 pounds or more!

Good work everyone!!!

Jessica said...

I lost 2 pounds.

Diane K said...

Oh boy. Maybe you aren't losing weight but feeling better and looking better? Best of luck!

elm said...

I forgot to weigh before I ate breakfast... but my post breakfast weigh-in... up .2 pounds. POINT TWO?? Two tenths of a pound? 2/10. That is ridiculous and I blame it on my breakfast AND those darn Christmas cookies. They are gone, now. I ate a few and forced the rest of them on my children and hubby.

Shopping Goal for this week (since I botched this YESTERDAY): Leave all sweet treats on the shelf at the store. No one needs them here and if I am in dire neeeeed of a sweet... make it from scratch so I know what is in it and can at least enjoy the baking process in full... not just nosh on the treat with my kids.

Exercise Goal: Exercise 30 min./day 6 days per week. Did fine today - bought the Dancing with the stars work out dvd... skimpy skimpy, Kym but a really heart pumping workout. I'm not coordinated enough to get all the steps, but I figured tripping over my feet was a work out in and of itself since I never fell to the floor!

Eating Goal: Carefully plan out week's meals and snacks so that I have a plan! No more winging it for meals.

Michelle said...

I'm down 3 this week. It's the accountability with walking partner...she's great. ;-)

If I could get organized enough with the grocery shopping and meal planning, I'd join those of you on SBD.

I was very brave and posted my actual weight on my blog...I might as well do the same here...(scarier here because since Regina has followers...people will actually see it!!) ok from 175 down to 172. 32 more lbs to go.

Amy said...

I lost 3.7!!! I am doing a sort of phase two on South beach (not being too anal about it, just lots of fruit and veggies and lots of whole grains, seriously cutting back on sugar, etc) and it is working out really well. In fact, my MIL had to go and buy new pants today! She is down two sizes!! And my pants are falling off.

Amy said...

Oh and what we are doing for sweet treats... cook and serve fat free/sugar free pudding. You actually have to work for it, so you really have to want it. Also, skinny cow ice cream bars.

The Wades said...

ok, i'm in!! since last wednesday until yesterday, i lost 1.5 pounds. today i got on my treadmill for the first time in forever. it wasn't long, but it was a start.

i started weigh down--eat when i'm hungry, stop when i'm full. i hope i make it through the lunch i just prepared myself. and, going out with the girls tonight. could be dangerous--olive garden.

love ya

Michelle said...

down 2.

since everyone is being so bold, I'll list my weight, too: 152 pounds. Goal #1: 140 by Easter. Goal #2: 130 by June 1st.

Christine said...

Checking in late: -1 lb
Last week, I visited sparkpeople, but because I am nursing I was directed to I exercised each day, but my total exercise time for the whole week was 90 interrupted minutes. This week, I hope to continue exercising...I haven't been able to do so today...I may be lucky to get in 90 minutes this week.