Monday, January 5, 2009

Wasting time

Or being constructive with it? Confirmed~wasting it. I finally made a little button like I said I would, but I don't like the text...I think it might be better with square text instead of trying to go around the circle but I am done playing for now. Oh and it isn't actually a red background but since my blog post background is currently red this is red...if I change the background post color the background of the picture will change color too. And, dare I have the nerve to put it on my sidebar? I mean, I obviously believe it, but is it playing nice in the sandbox with our other non-Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ? Did I really just type brothers and sisters in Christ??

3 people are laughing with me:

Paula in MN said...

Square text is better. You must put it on your sidebar because I want one -- on my new blogger blog.....same address as my old blog, just use blogspot instead of typepad. Oh, and there are no posts yet...I'm waiting for something brilliant to hit me.

Aubrey said...

Playing in the sandbox...Hmmm...sometimes my kids and their friends throw sand at each other and laugh about it. Sometimes they fight. Good point, though. We don't want to alienate anyone; they might not want to convert, then. ;)

The Wades said...

It wouldn't be the first time you threw sand at me! ;)