Thursday, January 8, 2009

My friends

Tangent: This Friday I was going to get together with this cool bloggette to become IRL friends instead of just bloggy buddies. Well, we have been trying to plan a get together since I think around November and something always seems to come up like freak snow storms or holidays. Now this, if you can spare a few, send some prayers their way since I read the area is supposed to be hit pretty hard. Now, on to less important things... 

My dear, sweet friends (not deer, sweat friends) I have finally decided to get the nerve to be a bit of a brat and ask for a small, minute, wee little favor. IF you are kind enough (and kind it is) to have me listed as a relatively cool blog thingamagiggy on your sidebar (or in it's own post like old rosetta) could you list my blog as tugandregina. See, I change the name often (as many of you have noticed) and in a quick look around today I found this lil old blog listed as:
Ode to Us
This and That
Whats in a Name
Onomatopoeia (my personal favorite)

And those are just the ones I recognized as names I might have possibly called the blog before, imagine how many millions I have missed~like blog con queso. So, if you don't mind, kindly list me as tugandregina so I can say 'hey hey, you blog, I like you too~thanks a mil' (Laura, you are fine with just Regina ::jazz hands::). 

For those of you who don't link to me, what gives? Especially those of you who link to Laura but don't link to me. She has 15 followers and I only have, well, less than 15. She said herself how I am awesomer than her, come on folks. 

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Shelly said...

So what you're saying is i can't link it as:
Running to Stand Still OR
I Cant' Live With or Without You OR
What's in a Name?


Michelle said...

Well, how was I to know that you were going to change your blasted name every few months? I'll change it soon. My blogroll is woefully out of date.

Michelle said...

No, wait. I DO remember seeing you change your name a few times, and I remember thinking: whatever, maybe she'll outgrow it. So, I was wrong. Shoot me.

Paula in MN said...

Good thing I don't have you listed....

Heather said...

Hee hee, thanks for the props- we need all the mojo prayers we can get.
You are so funny in your flip-floppiness. I just have you in my favorites as....Regina.

Jessica said...

Praying for Heather, and my cousin Heather who also lives in that area!

Oh, and is it Wednesday yet? =)

Aubrey said...

I liked Clouds in My Coffee.

You win--I now have a blog roll and Tug and Regina is right there in it.

I have only 8 followers (hint, hint).

Amy said...

All my followers are still linked to my old blog which no longer exists, does that make you feel better? So technically, I have no followers, which is even worse than Hubby's blog who only has one follower (me).

I also have to vote for Clouds in my Coffee. Don't know why. It was just lyrical, I guess.

Mimi said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog - I need to get you added to my Bloglines account.

Soutenus said...

Silly question, I guess . . . . but that has never stopped me before. tugandregina = Tug & Regina. Right?
I couldn't figure it out til I slowed down to s o u n d it out. :-)