Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Ol' Me~Interview

I saw this over on Paula's blog and thought, sign me up. I don't know what I was thinking since she gets to pick the questions and subject me to all sorts of ridicule, but she was actually quite nice. Here ya go...

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me".
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. Have you always had the personality you have -- or has it progressed with time, through high school, college, marriage, etc? In other words, were you like this as a child, or were you timid and shy and didn't come out of your shell until you were older?
To what do you refer, my amazing charm? I have pretty much always been this way. In high school my mom would introduce me to people and literally say something along the lines of  "this is Regina, she is a bitch." For the reals, no jokes people (thanks mom). My parents are divorced so Tug asked my mom for my hand in marriage and she said, "Are you sure, she can be a real bitch sometimes" (thanks again mom)~so I guess it was a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy. Actually, though I am a bit of a smart ass (a wee bit), I really am not mean spirited (a true bitch) and, if you are a friend or I know you, I would do just about anything for you. So, yeah, I guess I have always had this winning personality (Tug certainly wouldn't take any credit for it even if I tried to give it to him). 
2. Your wedding picture is beautiful. How did Tug propose, how did you accept, and where were you married? Describe.
Thanks, Tug did a grand job in the proposal area. We were, um, playing house our senior year of college so when we went out to dinner all looked normal (oh this was on our one yr dating anniversary but I had known/worked with him for about a year and a half prior). So we went to eat then we went out for ice cream then headed back home and he had me go in first. I opened the door and there were red and white balloons all over the place (some with helium so up high, some without so on the floor), candles all over and on the stereo "To make you feel my love" was looped. I still thought this was just for our anniversary because I had teased him saying he wasn't going to do anything for me since we rarely went on actual dates. He swore he would never use a credit card (ha, ha if only we would swear that now) so, while I thought we would eventually get married, I didn't think it would be before college since he wouldn't have had the money for a ring. He then had me go into the kitchen and on the table were some roses and champagne and 2 glasses. I sat down then he got on his knee and pulled out a ring. I, obviously, said yes (he gave some friends of ours keys to the house, money and the idea and they ran with it). We were married 10 months later (and after college graduation) in a tiny, little (very ugly) church in my hometown (it was kinda our church growing up and I made my First Communion there in El Paso, TX). This year will be our 10th anniversary.  
3. What is your favorite part about being Catholic?
Ack, a Catholic question, my great fear. I think what I like best is its uniformity. Aside for the homily, what you hear in Mass day in and day out  it is the same no matter where you are. Also, I like the authority of it...the Bible isn't left up to individual interpretation (therefore making every one's interpretation simultaneously right and wrong). I also like that it dates back to the time of Christ, which can be researched and verified. I guess, most important, I like that it is the one true Church.  
4. Do you have a favorite Saint? Why that particular Saint?
Oh no, not only a Catholic question, but a saint question. I don't do much with the saints so I don't know if I really have a favorite. My mom's favorite saint is St. Jude so I used Jude as my confirmation name. I really like St. Benedict crosses so I suppose he could be my favorite saint. {j}'s middle name is Benedict...I like that he (St) was hardcore. I am totally not, more like the dreaded luke warm, so maybe I can aspire to be more like him. 
5. Why did you start to blog?
Jessica told me she had started a blog and I thought it would be a great way for our far away family (we live miles and miles and miles away from our family) to keep up with us so I had her show me the ropes.  She showed me her 2 favorite (at the time, might have changed) blogs which were totally (and still are) inspirational Catholic homeschool blogs, which are great, but so not me. My first few posts I tried to follow the mold and had some crafts we did and pictures of tea time. I realized I was being a boob and instead just went to posting about us and being myself. I am (obviously) not inspirational to people in their faith or their homeschooling days (I'm more of the refuge for when you feel like an inadequate mom looking at others' blogs), but I am true to who I am and have 'met' some pretty cool people because of it ( some who I hope to meet later in the year). And my mom is able to see pictures of the kids which was the original intent. I constantly think of stopping though~no real reason, just kinda bored with it. 

Thanks Paula, now come visit me!
Wanna join? Just leave a comment asking to be interviewed but remember, I get to ask the questions and I am not one of those demure, cheeky Catholic homeschooling bloggers. Got the nerve to play along?
They did...aubrey, sara, keri
Tangent~In case you haven't be sure to go back to my music meme post (below) and try to now answer with the is bugging me that some are left unanswered, poor little questions. 

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Paula in MN said...

I love your answers. I had a hard time coming up with some. For what it's worth, I love your blog and reading about your family. And I'm glad we know each other -- and soon IRL!!

Keri said...

Your blog looks so wonderful!!!I love all the pictures!

I'm thinking about the interview thing.....

I liked YOUR answers.

Mimi said...

Cool answers.

Jessica said...

"if you are a friend or I know you, I would do just about anything for you." THAT IS SO VERY TRUE!!! I know first hand!! :)

I loved reading your answers... SO very YOU.. But I am SCARED to death to play along... Your not kidding when you say "but remember, I get to ask the questions and I am not one of those demure, cheeky Catholic homeschooling bloggers." ;)

Sara said...

Even if your blog is not inspiring like, say, Jessica's, at least it looks good. ;-)

It's scary, but you can interview me.

Aubrey said...

Interview me--I'm dying for material! :)

I'm going to come back and read more thorougly later!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Good answers (minus the swears, potty mouth).
I still can't see your froggin blog. Black on slightly blackish-green is not a good contrast. Why don't you just go ahead and change it it back to dark, chocolate brown with blackish undertones and black print? Maybe you could make the visited links be dark, charcoal gray for some visual interest?

Tammy Staley said...

Very cool. I have always adored you, never thought you were a bitch! Those board meetings were so fun when you were there. :)
Anyway, just wanted to say I love your new layout with all the pics. Too cute.

Aubrey said...

I enjoyed reading your answers! I also enjoyed answering your questions. Thanks, Regina! :)

The Wades said...

May I see the questions first, oh bitchy one? :)

Keri said...

You asked Aubrey about the Old Testament!!!! I would want my questions to be more like "shaken or stirred??"


Sara said...

My interview is up today. It was fun!

Anonymous said...

That's cause it takes one to know one.

Love ya mija