Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WoW-week 0

Did you weigh yourself this morning? I did~whose shoulder can I cry on? 

This is it, I really, really, really want to tackle my stupid weight. How hard can it be~don't answer that! I have plenty of motivation mom (who weighs less than me) is coming next month, Aubrey in April, another awesome blogger might be coming later in the year and in October it will be our 10 year anniversary. I really don't want to be fat on my anniversary. 

So, I will meet Laura's challenge (alright, it wasn't a challenge just her goal) and shoot for 5 lbs this week. I realize that is a lot for a week BUT your first week is usually your biggest weight loss so 5 pounds it is. 

Weekly Goals:
1~begin a food log writing down what I eat, trying to keep calories to around 1500/day.
2~start exercising...I will begin slowly and do 30 minutes of cardio 6 days/week. 
3~and really the biggest focus of the week, NO MORE DR PEPPER ::sniff, sniff::

Raising my glass of water to you all...

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Shelly said...

slowly??????? 30 mins/day 6 days/wk???

That's a good routine, IMO.

I must admit that i tend NOT to weigh myself for as long as i do phase 1 [SB]. so I'll play along with the WOW - but i won't be WOW for 3 wks ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ferguson family. Happy New Year! I loved my presents. You really do a fantastic job knitting all of those wonderful treasures. It means so much to have something made with loving hands.

Are you still snowed in? Haven't heard from Rene since returning from seeing all of you.
Please kiss and hug all of your wonderful children.
Much love, JuJu

Keri said...

water is yucky..... :(

Anonymous said...

I'm in.

I'm doing the South Beach phase 1 for the first two weeks -- supposedly I'll lose 12 pounds.


Auntie Nee said...

alright I am in. I am on board with the 5 pound loss also. So here is my glass of water toasting yours!!!\

I agree with Keri Water is Yucky!!!

Aubrey said...

Geez. If you lose weight with my visit in mind, do I have to reciprocate? ;)

Amy said...

Ok, I am with you!! We can do it!!!!


Shelly said...

i love amy's 'ack'! Cracks me up!

Jessica said...

So, like I told you on the phone... I was off to a great start today... Weighed this morning, took my vitamins, drank lots of water, nearly killed myself exercising for a WHOLE TWENTY minutes, and stayed away from all the sweets. But then hubby totally SABOTAGED it ALL by coming home with a delicious Human Bean White Chocolate Carmel Mocha. I couldn't resist... At least I have a week!

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Good for you Regina! Just be glad Jillian from the Biggest loser isn't your trainer....oh my gosh she is brutal!! Giving up soda is so hard....I've given it up several years for Lent, so I feel your pain.

elm said...

I am WOWing with you ... next week. When I am home and have a scale, I will start. I have lofty goals. I want to lose a lot. That whole 10 year anniversary is coming up a LOT quicker for me than for you. Ours is in May. HOWEVER, I want lots gone by mid-march. I plan to be brutal with myself. I am going to quit baking. That will be the hardest of all. Baking and cooking keep me sane. So, I will be insane during this process I guess. Please don't hold that against me! :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

So far, so good. I tried to start last week but caved when I saw that eggnog for a buck. So, today it was:
eggs and cheese for breakfast
salad for lunch
meat and cheese for supper.

Lots of tea and something else but I can't remember because my brain is starving of carbs right now. I is stoopider by the secind.

I am so happy you started Way Over Weight again. Now I can get skinny and have butterflies and sunshine all day and learn 5 languages and have everyone like me and whistle dixie out of my a...I gotta go to bed. Yay! Eggs for breakfast in the morning, yum yum.

Michelle said...

I'm in. I gained EIGHT pounds between Christmas and Epiphany. Goal: 10 lbs in one month. Food diary is a good idea...must consider that.

Angela said...

Hi Regina,
I know of your blog through Jessica. I will WoW with you! I just started Curves this week so the timing is perfect!

Christine said...

I'm begging for you to change the meaning of WoW. When I told my husband that I would be participating in Weight on Wednesday, he stated, "You want to put weight on? I thought you wanted to take it off." Since he is obviously correct, I suggest the name be changed to "Weight off Wednesday". ;)