Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twitter Tuesday

*i am not on twitter. i don't really understand it. 

*aren't all inaugurations historic? historically the person being inaugurated has  never been president before. 

*blog designer not-so-extraordinaire

*lacking motivation to do any schoolwork

*lacking motivation to do any housework

*lacking motivation to do any bodywork 

*the laundry is done

*i shall follow those who follow

9 people are laughing with me:

Shelly said...

does that mean i don't get followed? that is so not fair!

i like your first 2 points. and your second to the last one... i rarely find myself saying those words. btw - laundry is housework, so you rock!!

Amy said...

I need you to help me with my blog too. Ugh.
And I am having such a bad day that anything chocolate might find its way into my mouth and there will go all my work. Double UGH.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

C'mon, get happy! Hope to CHANGE! There's a new president! I heard him take the oaf of office today (I think, I THINK he said all the words...maybe not in the right order.). He's going to unite us all...never mind that half of America can't stand the thought of that empty suit being the leader of the free world. He's going to make everyone LOVE the U.S....never mind that some muslim nations are still buring flags and effigies of him. OH, and he's going to make the economy A-OK!...oh wait...

Anonymous said...

I just want toffee.

Keri said...

I took 8th graders blood pressures all day. I'm pooped.

The Wades said...

I follow you every day. And, I think you're an extraordinaire. :)

Funny point about inauguration. I do not like laundry at all! love

elm said...

Funny. I think that the one inauguration that seemingly was historic (in your definition) was Grover Cleveland - #22 & #24!! Benjamin Harrison was #23. Guess what the kids and I did to commemorate today's inauguration!!? We read about all the other presidents in "TimeLine. Presidents from Independence to Now"by Play Bac Publishing. Short concise little tid-bits about the presidents. It was fairly interesting being the non-historian that I am. I bought this foldable at-a-glance guide at Mt Rushmore last fall. Glad I got it when it was #1 - #43. How terrible am I?

Now, back tot he twitter subject. Next post, explain the ins and outs of twitter for us all so that I can be a more informed me. I see that you say that you don't understand it, but that was almost 24 hours ago. I am sure you've figured it out by now.

Finally, my laundry is sorted, but you don't follow me. Do you?

elm said...

I am wrong. You do. Follow me, that is. I just learned how to find out who follows me.

But, my laundry IS sorted. Not clean. Just sorted.

The Wades said...

what is twitter?