Friday, January 23, 2009

Becoming IRL friends

Today was finally the day my friendship status with  Heather changed. Instead of just blogging buddies we are friends 'in real life'. I think we have been planning to get together for, ohhhhhhhh about 2 months, possibly longer. Seems every time our schedules worked children got ill or mother nature decided to forgo global warming for a bit longer and send an amazing snow storm. Most recently that same silly mother decided our area needed a humongo flood and Heather was actually stuck in her house for a bit because the road to her house was flooded. I did remember to take my camera but I forgot to take pictures while we were there. Heather and I were too busy chatting it up and going over knitting patterns.  I did, however, snap a few pictures on our ride there (it is a little over an hour drive each way, yes I am driving, yes I am the one taking pictures, yes it is totally safe...totally). 

And this is that river that flooded. The road we are on was completely under water. 
The only picture I actually got of the kids was when her little guys ran out to greet us upon arrival. Her littlest guy, who is {j}'s age, ran over and grabbed him by the hand then lead him into the house (you can just see the top of {j}'s head by the hood of the car) was so sweet. 

I snapped this last photo just as we were leaving because 1)it is absolutely gorgeous at her house and 2)I know my sister in law likes seeing pics of our area. 

Thanks again Heather for having us over. We all had a great time!!

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Shelly said...

it really is gorgeous - i love all the views - esp the one leaving her house!

glad it all worked out!

Keri said...

The pictures are know everything here is BROWN right now.
Driving and clicking does NOT sound safe! Bad Girl!
I just found out on Michelle's blog yesterday that Renee is your sister! Are you guys both so playful? I met her once at the pumpkin patch.
I'm so glad you got to go meet Heather. I stole one of her blog ideas once. (Don't worry....I told her!)
Have you seen Blogger Choice Awards? They are already taking votes for 2009. Do you think we should nominate GGYR under the charity category? I noticed that several of last years winners in that category were Not-for-profits. And her blog looks so excellent right now (with your help)! Do you think it would be good or would she not like it? I knew I would not be able to get an answer from her. (Love you, Michelle!) I just needed another opinion.

Robin said...

That's great. I'm actually meeting your sister-in-law Michelle in real life tonight - finally.

Mimi said...

What a blessing for you! I cannot wait until we make the same leap!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you got to come and play! It's fun to see another prospective of my world. And why didn't we take some photos??? Next time, right?

Shelly said...

got something for ya - stop by.

The Wades said...

Oh fun! Yea, we both met Blogger buddies in the flesh. Hope your new friend is as sweet as mine. :)

Keri, you are beyond precious. That is too funny--winning an award would not happen at GG. Really? Hank losing his manhood and eating poop, Max loopy on pain killers, etc. I'd probably get thrown in blog jail for being highly inappropriate.

But Regina, the blog is looking so nice thanks to you! Maybe Regina should be up for a design award.

Aubrey said...

I promise not to forget my camera or to forget to take pictures. Hope that it'll work out for us to visit when I'm up in the spring! :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Isn't it fun to meet in real life? I'm jealous.

Amy said...

That one of the trees lining the road... oh yeah... I miss that. It can be so gorgeous up there.