Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WoW Week 12

My mom, sister, and great aunt have come and gone. Unfortunately, the weight came too but has yet to leave. Why is it that other participants who gain back and say "must be the cake I had every night" or "I didn't work out one bit" only gain a pound yet I gain back much, much more. It isn't fair I tell you. Obviously I take my cheating to higher levels.  

My mom showed up with fresh baked (that morning, by the time they got here they were about 9 hrs old but still delish) strawberry and cream filled croissants, my sister came with my favorite potato chips (Tim's jalapeno), my aunt requested Dr. Pepper to drink...what were they trying to do to me?? I held strong, for a day—I'm only human! It is all gone now though, and it won't be replaced. I did workout...3 days/3 miles each time. Today is back to the diet day—I feel like I've said this before, it's like deja vu all over again.

This week: I didn't weigh myself. I will just say +1, though I'd bet dollars to donuts it is much higher....mmmmmm, donuts. 

Tug: out of town so I know he didn't weigh in
Jessica: -2.5. just in time to take a month off
Michelle: +1
Kimberly: -2.5. amazing!
Laura: -2
Trina: -1

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Elizabeth said...

You have a very lovely blog. Thanks for visiting mine and helping me with the whole link thing!! I think I have it now. I did a small test and I think it worked. I've gotten more help on here,by fellow bloggers than clicking the help button on blogger!
Again thanks!

kimberly said...

Hi Regina!

Checking in...-2.5 lbs. Finally off the plateau!

Jessica said...

-2.5 for me too.

So, do I get the next three weeks off, or do I need to pack my scale? :)

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you about Eureka. There are many pockets of the town that are very depressing. I use to live there in the 80's when I went to Humboldt State. It was depressing then too,although some of the neighborhoods are really neat. The only cool part is Old Town,where I took some of those pictures. I hadn't been back for a visit in over 10 years! I was happy to see some changes for the good,mostly in old town, but for the most part, it still is a depressed economy and a lot of poverty. Arcata surprised me this time,as I think it should be doing better. Oh well, there are some neat parts to both places. A good friend of mine lives in Grants Pass, are you near there?
Sorry for leaving such a long comment!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

-2 neayeahhh neayeah!!!! (heeeeelp me, I'm waaaaasting awaaaaaayyyyy)

Also, Trina my daughter wants to join. She's -1 for the week!

Michelle said...

Goodness, I laughed so hard I now have a headache.

OK, I was going to petulantly state that I quit, but after this post, I guess I have nothing to complain about.

Weekend away, and on Monday I was up FOUR, but by this morning I was down three, so up one for the week.