Wednesday, May 28, 2008


For anyone looking to shed some tears here is a great story. My friend Tammy from NM is a participating photographer...amazing work. While I hope you never need this service, I feel it is important to get the word out. Tammy, and all participating photographers, THANK YOU for providing this amazingly wonderful and heart-wrenching gift. 

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I didn't have to watch the video. I heard about this from my sister's photographer lady who volunteers for this. I watched a video from their site one time and I cried for days. I hope I NEVER need these people but thank God for them!

Journey of Truth said...

I'm not sure I'm laughing, but it was heart-breaking to watch the video. A service indeed needed for families who lose loved ones! I love that this exists!

Tammy Staley said...

Wow! Thank you for writing about this on your blog and helping to get the word out. Just this week I was at UNMH NICU and the baby's nurse had never heard of us before! Luckily most of the charge nurses and other nurses are familiar with us and our services were offered.
Thank you for the post, you rock!

Regina said...

absolutely tammy, thanks for doing this!