Monday, May 12, 2008

Flat Stanley

I am surprised some of you aren't aware of Flat Stanley. I think it started as a book then somehow or another it became a school project. Lots of schools do it...are you part of the cool crowd?

Anyhoosle, the kids in Claire's (my niece in Albuquerque) kindigarten class sent out Stanleys this year. Basically each kid gets their own Stan, color him, then mail him somewhere in the world. Whoever gets him is supposed to take him around, show him the area sites then mail him back and the classroom will go over what Stanley learned. Kinda like a huge geography project. I wasn't at all upset about having to do Stanley, I was sad that I didn't have time to do anything with Stanley. We don't live far from the Redwoods in Cali, we live relatively close to the coast, and we aren't even that far from Crater Lake. No time to do any of those.  Instead Stan the man learned to knit with toothpick needles.
He also 'visited' a few spots. 

Up in the tree is legit. 

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Journey of Truth said...

OMG, that is hilarious!! My niece sent us hers a long long time ago and we lived in GA then. About the same time, my husband came home from Diego Garcia (year unaccompanied tour courtesty of the US Navy) and his parents insisted we all get together (since it was after 911 and they wanted to see their son). We took his royal flatness with us to Gatlinburg (?), TN (home of DollyWood, which was closed at the time) and got all sorts of strange pictures.

I like yours, though. Not every one of those Flags get a tour or REAL LIFE and stuffed up a tree.

Michelle said...

very nice.

Amy Caroline said...

Too bad you can barely see him in the tree. I like the grotto one, lol, good idea chopping him in there!!

The Wades said...

Claire's mother means well, but is not well. She loses things, forgets things, and messes things up. Pray for her. Pray for Claire. Pray for Claire's siblings.

You saved a lot of gas, traveling, and misery by only having him that brief period. He would have gotten on your nerves if he stayed any longer. Thank Claire's mom for her thoughtfulness.

Auntie Nee said...

glad to see that flat stanley had fun!!!!!! Cant wait to see you all tomorrow.