Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm overly pissed about 2 things:

1. Flat Stanley. I received the dear boy on Thursday May 8 with a note informing me school would be out May 21 so get a move on. In the note it also said Stanley's arm had been torn off but the arm was also enclosed. Boo threw the damn thing away. She meant to. She knew what it was and she threw it away. I said "Where's Stan's arm?" She said "I threw it away."  Annoying, not enough to piss me off, but annoying. What I am mad about is I have NO time to take him anywhere cool, I don't have any beach/redwood/Crater Lake/cool areas of Oregon on the mac to superimpose the man on and I have forgotten to take him with me twice. I need to get him back in the mail and he is going to be the lamest Flat Stanley ever. I am pissed.

2. Soccer. We got our butts handed to us today but I am not mad about that. I am mad about the stupid little girl who EVERY time she got the ball she would push. Now, for those who don't know, in soccer you can use your shoulder to distance yourself from your opponent but you cannot use your hands. This girl had her arms fully extended pushing our players. I asked the ref to keep an eye on it, he didn't. During halftime their coach came over and said "I heard you complain about my granddaughter pushing, and I saw her do it, so I apologize." I pretty much said "Oh, alright." I thought perhaps the second half would be better, it wasn't. And, grandpa kept can't-keep-her-hands-to-herself in the whole game. To make things worse every time they scored he would yell to his team "Celebrate, celebrate for scoring. ::looking back at his goalie::Celebrate the goal." Hey douchebag, this is U8, get a grip.

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Jessica said...

Your soccer story reminds me of that movie: Kicking and Screaming. How annoying! Especially the "Celebrate for scoring part!" I hope you beat them next time, if you have to play them again!

And, what/who is "Flat Stanley"?

The Wades said...

I'm sure the person who sent Flat Stanley to you had a great reason for her tardiness. Also, I'm sure they don't care what kind of job you do with him. They will be grateful for whatever you can manage.

Michelle said...

Didn't you take Flat Stanley to Multnomah Falls (nudge nudge)?

Tj & Mark said...

What the heck is a 'flat stanley"?

The Wades said...

People--let's just drop the Flat Stanley and move on. Obviously, the sound of it drives her crazy. Please respect Regina's feelings. ;)