Saturday, May 3, 2008

I knead your help

Sorry for the pun, my mil took over my body for a second. 

Anyone with a KitchenAid mixer needs to help me...Tug uses a credit card for work expenses then gets reimbursed and the credit card he uses has reward points. We have now accrued enough points to get the mixer I have been saving for. Question is, which do I get, Artisan or Professional? We would have points left over with the Artisan, Professional would wipe us out (not really a big deal). Do you have either, and what are your thoughts about the one you have (or long for, or have heard things about)?
Thanks for any help!

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Paula in MN said...

I have the Artisan. I've had it since January. My shoulder, my elbow and my wrist all love it. My hips and thighs, not so much. I've never heard of the Professional.

Amy Caroline said...

I can't say for sure what it is, I would assume Artisan. I have had the thing for over 15 years and it still works like new. I like it, I love it... well, you get the point.
They are AWESOME.
My MIL just bought one and she was always one of those people's whose cookies always came out flat and sad. Well, now her cookies are much fluffier. So they Kitchen Aides can work wonders!!

The Wades said...

I have the professional and really like it. I have been making two batches of cookies and once, and it does a great job. I don't know the difference between the two so maybe it's not fair I cast a vote. I do know my sis in law had both and told me to get the professional. I like the size of my bowl, the tilt action, etc. My vote is to get the nicer of the two and start building those points back up! :)

Anonymous said...

i typically do get the nicer of whatever but that is why i am in debt so i am starting to try to be a big girl. i am leaning towards professional because it is bigger BUT i bet the artisan would be big enough.
amy and paula, if you happen to look at the comments again, have you run into a problem with the bowl being too small?

Erin said...

I have the Artisan & love it. The bowl is by no means small, but I have never cooked for a youth ranch full of people (or a family of 6). I do love the way it looks on the counter :), and I'm not sure how much bigger in size the pro is.

I've never used the Professional. But if you can get a bigger one, you're not paying for the difference, and you think a bigger size would actually be needed for the cooking you do, you should definitely do that.

Kassandra said...

I know I rarely have the popular voice but avoid the kitchen aide! I have had one for several years and I hate it. It doesn't scrape the bottom of the bowl which means I have crumbly cookie or bread dough. What I would recommend is the Bosch. It rocks!! If you get the universal it comes with a blender that is also fantastic! I make my own bread and in about 30 minutes I have 6 loaves made at same time in this bad boy! I only have to raise it 1 time and is the best bread you have ever had. I can also make monter batches of cookies without bogging down my motor. Another thing the Kitchen aide cannot do. If your looking at getting the pro model of the kitchen aid, they cost more than a brand new Bosch, so you can already afford it. Let me know if you have questions! PS. THanks for the comments on my blog. I am bad at commenting on anyones. Jamie- oh I am using one of my kids user accounts since I dont have one with google.

Michelle said...

I have a Professional with a "Flour Power" of 14 cups. The Artisan has a "Flour Power" of 8 cups. That means my mixer can do almost twice what an Artisan can do.

I make a double batch of pumpkin bread with a total of 7 cups of flour and 6 cups of sugar and it's about topped out. That's enough batter to make 4 big loaves of pumpkin bread.

The height of the bowl is adjustable, but I have occasionally noted problems with the bottom of the batter requiring me to scrape the bowl once before finishing.

Makes whipped cream or meringue in a scant minute. Easy to operate. Easy to clean. You can get accessories (I haven't, but it's an option - pasta maker is one).

The biggest downside is it is VERY HEAVY. It will remain on your counter, so you might go with the Artisan if you don't want it hanging out on the counter all the time. Mine is a very nice metallic gray, so I enjoy having it there. Plus I use it more. But you might not.

Anonymous said...

i have the artisan and it is great. we got it for a wedding gift so it has lasted and lasted - nearly 9 years. i've never used the professional but have only occassionally wanted a larger bowl - mostly for big batches of christmas baking.

The Keeper said...

I have the Artisan and LOVE it

The Keeper said...

kassandra's point is true. i saw a video comparison btwn K/A and the Bosch. The Bosch pretty much rocked. The 'bottom scraping' is something that needs to be done w/the KA - and with many things in life :o)

Hope this helps although it sounds confusing :o)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I love mine but it doesn't tilt and that drives me crazy, I don't know which is which but my sis's tilts. I need the tilt. That thing stays on my counter because I make so many cookies now! Also, it weighs about 100 pounds. DO NOT drop that thing on your foot.