Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WoW Week 11

So my foolproof write-your-weight-on-the-computer plan didn't work. I just went to check and it isn't there. What the?? I am relatively certain of the weight though. This week I have been sticking to the diet and I did cardio 4 times. I don't know how long it took but 3 times I did what I think is a 2 mile loop and once I did a 3 mile loop. Before you are overly impressed it was a walk/jog combo, and I am sure my jog is lots of people's walk.  One of the days I asked Tug
R: Do you mind if I go for a jog?
T: Not at all.
R: Alright, I'll be back in 2 hours.
T: So you're going for a quarter mile huh?
He thinks he is pretty funny. Unfortunately he isn't exaggerating that much! 

This week: -2.7

Jessica: -2.5. not allergic anymore
Renee:  forgot to weigh herself before she headed to the airport at 4am. BUT she is here visiting so I can keep an eye on her, or she can sway me off my diet...stay tuned
Laura: ± 0 still running and gaining lots of muscle
Amy: +2.8, doing great
Kimberly: +1. mother's day got to her ;)
Miguelita:-1, the beach is good 
Michelle: +1. and she doesn't care, the cake was good
Tug: -1

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Tj & Mark said...

LOL! Funny, funny Tug.

kimberly said...

Hi! I've been a naughty cardio for a week, pigged out at Mother's Day brunch. The results:


My first gain...sniff, sniff!

Jessica said...

-2.5 for me! My biggest loss to date. Yeah for me... You still beat me though. I need a better scale -- one that doesn't round to the nearest 1/2 pound... (or to add that cardio!)

Good job Regina!

Michelle said...

Good job Jessica...and you too Regina.

Me: up a pound. I don't care. I had cake for dessert. Every day. nah.

The Wades said...

-1. I tried to control my eating this week. A loss is a step in the right direction.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

WAIT, WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES! Holy smokes...I lost 5 pounds! I wasn't going to weigh myself until next week because weeks and weeks of no loss was getting me down. I started my "knuckle down and stop eating so much cereal diet" two days ago and WHOOPIE! I guess all that running did pay off because I broke down and weighed myself today. I had to jump up and down on the scale and rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things.