Monday, May 5, 2008

Swimming, and some BIG news

Where have I been all day you ask? Well, I needed to get the girls signed up for swim lessons. There is an awesome local gal (I think this is her 5o-somethingith yr of teaching, that qualifies for gal right?) and this will be our third year having lessons with her. She is great. Problem is everyone knows she is great, and she is in high demand. Sign-ups started today at 9 AM. I got to her house at 8:50 AM. I was numero 48 on the list. Apparently some jackass decided to show up at FOUR FOURTY FIVE in the morning, and 46 other people decided to get there prior to 10 minutes prior to sign ups. I didn't 'get in' until 4:30 PM. At least it is done and we will be spending June in the pool.

Turns out this summer is going to be busier than expected. Me thinks we will be spending July in Albuquerque-plans aren't entirely finalized but it is looking more and more that way.  The kids (Tug and I too) are totally pumped.
And now for my BIG NEWS...I just talked to my biggest, bestest friend in the whole world and she is coming to visit me in August. I can't begin to say how excited I am. I haven't seen Jaime in 8 years. EIGHT LONG YEARS. How could it be that I haven't seen my biggest and bestest friend in so long you might wonder, well life happened. We have been friends since the first day of 7th grade (1989) but went to different colleges, lived in different states, I got married (she was 1 of my 2 bridesmaids), I moved, I had a wee-one, we lost touch for a bit, I moved again, we got back in touch, I had another wee-one, I moved again, I had another wee-one, I moved again, she finally had a wee-one, I had another wee-one (that's the gist). She has been living in CA for a long time so when Tug first talked about moving to OR I got excited cuz I would be closer to her, or so I thought. Turns out Southern Cali is just as far from NM as it is from Southern OR. 
Anyhoo, Jaime called tonight to say she is coming for a visit. I can't tell you how excited I am. Wait, I already told you that I couldn't tell you. See...I'm so excited!!  It won't be until August but I've waited this long, I can wait a few more months. Besides, that gives me some time to lose some weight...she has a 1-yr-old (his birthday was on the 1st) and is already back to her thin ways. How annoying is that!? I love you Jaime and I can't wait to see you!!!!!!!
*what, did all my Catholic readers think I was going to say I was pregnant?

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The Wades said...

you probably are pregnant and you don't know it yet! ;)

Journey of Truth said...

I think it would be great if you were preggers. There are so many Catholic mums having that kind of good news lately.

But, I think seeing a long, lost, best friend is up there with that kind of baby news happiness. Have a great visit!

Amy Caroline said...

I don't think you would be as excited if you were preggers, lol.
Glad your friend gets to come and visit!
I alwasy laugh how everyone talks about how they can't wait for summer so they can relax. Ha! I think we are busier in the summer thn any other time of year.

Shelly said...

no - i thought you were going to say that the TP worked!