Sunday, August 31, 2008

Since You Asked

A few of you losers non-football-watchers have asked how the game went yesterday. Well, score wise it was a rout as expected (43-0 but we were playing Youngstown State, and we had to kick far too many field goals which won't get the job done against USC in 2 weeks). However, player wise it might have gone very, very bad. In the 3rd quarter our Heisman contending running back Beanie Wells went down with some sort of foot injury. OSU hasn't issued an update (they said they might tomorrow) on his status but have said it isn't broken. So, how'd the game go? Ask me again tomorrow once they give an update on Beanie. 

Saturday, August 30, 2008


T-minus 13 minutes and counting. We are all set...LET'S GO BUCKS!! 

Friday, August 29, 2008


Thanks to those of you willing and able to pray. It is something that could be very minor, but it is also something that could be very serious so we are praying for the minor. Hopefully we will know more soon and, when I am given clearance, I will fill ya in. to clarify, tug is not the person for whom i am asking prayers. while it sucks for him, the prayer recipient is someone else in my family (let's just say bob)...bob's situation is (possibly) far more serious, though it might also be nothing more than a nuisance. so please keep bob in prayer, and any extra you can throw in there for tug is nice-or for my sanity since he can't walk well ' honey, can you get me xyz ;)
On a different note, that there is an xray of Tug's foot. Somewhere there is a broken bone...I couldn't get a very good picture of the xray but neither of us could tell based on the xray. The girls and Tug both are (guess I should say were) doing Judo, Tug played as a kid. Well on Wednesday night he was Judo-ing (technical term) and heard a loud pop. Yesterday he went to urgent care and was told his foot is broken. He is now at the Orthopaedic doc hopefully getting a cast, though it might still be too swollen. I wonder if they have The Ohio State University casts-the actual logo, not just boring red-that would be cool!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayer Request

I can't give much information right now but I just got some news about a family member in need of prayers-Mom, don't freak out...might not be a big deal. When I am able I will give more details but,  if possible, please offer up some prayers for him-that he is healthy and that what they found is in fact what they think it is and not something worse. Thanks!

Hey Amy

Can you believe it? Dpn's-I am using dpn's! Now, magic loop is easier/quicker/less bulky but my seams are nicer and it isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. 

And here is a picture I never posted. We went to a homeschool bbq on Saturday at a local lake and it had an amazing view of Mt. Rainier-or, as I like to call it, Mt. Death Trap. Picture taken by Tug

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More confusion for Catholics

I think I originally saw this a few weeks ago but it must have recently been republished with her confirmation and I think 'devout Catholic' was added in because I certainly missed it the first time:Former adult film star Jenna Jameson has confirmed that she's pregnant following months of buzz.

“Yes, I can confirm I’m pregnant. It’s still early, so I’m being cautious. I’m resting as much as possible," she tells, adding that she and boyfriend of two years, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, "are still in a state of shock."

"I'm so happy!" she said.

Jameson, 34, previously told Us she discovered she was two months pregnant in November 2004 after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma. A day later, she miscarried due to the stress of cancer.

But the devout Catholic — who has tried in vitro — told Us, "It was all in God's plan."

Jameson — who split from adult film studio owner Jay Grdina in 2006 and from porn star Brad Armstrong in 2001— said she and Ortiz have no plans to wed.

"I think I'm gonna stay unmarried and just go for the babies!" she told Us. "I'm following in Angelina's footsteps!"

Now, I don't know if she proclaims to be a devout Catholic or if US magazine dubbed her one but, for any confused Catholics out there, let me (in my not overly educated way) clarify:
Getting divorced.......................not too keen on that
Using in vitro.............................definite no no
Watching/using porn................not so much
STARING in porn......................double whammy
Having sex outside of marriage...aka adultery
Staying unmarried and just going for the babies...ah, nope
Sorry Jenna-the devout Catholic-Jameson, NONE of what you are doing is 'God's plan'. It is your plan. Again, I don't have to agree with what you do, but if you are going to say you are Catholic, if you are going to proclaim to the world that you are Catholic, then be Catholic!

OH yeah, and on a slightly related note-I was in the car yesterday and heard a Planned Parenthood commercial talking about STI's. Since when did they rename them? Did STD have a bad connotation so they decided it should now just be an infection? Are they trying to get kids to equate them with ear infections? Propaganda? I smell something fishy...or is that just the chlamydia?


Why o' why am I bothering with this? Note to self, don't eat Mexican food the night before you have to weigh in. Oh, and don't eat junk food every day the week prior to having to weigh in. Not a good week in terms of food, but decent in terms of exercise. We joined the YMCA and I did 100 minutes of cardio (the kids are also signed up for Judo-today will be their combined first day. {r} went on Monday but {l} was sick). This week I am going to be good, I promise. I've already gotten in 45 minutes of cardio and it is only 7:30!!

This week: +1

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am calling you out and you know who you are (any other pro-choicers feel free to chime in).  

The newest anti-life buzzword seems to be viability. If the child is not viable without its mommy, then it is ok to kill him. I think you* have finally realized that it is a baby, regardless of gestational age (hard to argue with the science) so instead of focusing on that you are now focusing on this viability stuff. My question is this, when do you change your logic? I mean, if it is ok to kill a baby because it is not viable then shouldn't we withhold modern medicine from just about everyone? If I need a blood transfusion or else I will die, should the blood transfusion be withheld because I am no longer viable? If I get shot and am on the brink of death should medical personnel not do everything within their power to save me? I need their help to survive. I will die without it. Do I get to live or, since I am inviable without help, should I just be killed?
Clearly the logic has to shift at a certain time. When is that time? And, since it does have to eventually shift, doesn't that indicate flawed logic?
*you meaning one, as in pro-choicers as a whole

Clarification for Confused Catholics

Nancy Pelosi is a jackass. If any of you saw her on Meet the Press and started thinking "hmm, I think she is right, the Catholic Church hasn't been clear on the abortion issue. It really is a matter of controversy within the Church so it is clearly ok for me to vote pro-death." WRONG. As those bumper stickers say, you can't be both Catholic and pro-choice. 

Which, by the way, means you also can't vote pro-choice. So that Biden dude, the one pretending (as well) to be Catholic, you can't vote for him...or really any other Democrat. What I don't understand is why bother?? Why not just go to a religion that you agree with instead of claiming to be something you aren't? Thank God some American Bishops are finally starting to correct these heretical morons!! Update to add link to the entire open letter by Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.  I especially like the 2nd and 2nd to last paragraphs.  

Monday, August 25, 2008

On to pants

But first another skirt. I can't decide if I like this or not...kinda cute, kinda bedspreadish. I do like the fabric, I just don't know if I like it as a skirt. The fabric is reversible so I tried to make the skirt reversible too which led to an odd seam, increasing my dislike. Honest opinions please!

And now for the pants. The fabric store did not have any fabric for The Ohio State University (though they had Michigan, puke) so I had to go with my second choice for some pajama bottoms for {j}.

Oh yeah: skirt tutorial here, pants tutorial here...any sewers (one who sews, not a crap infested sewer-that is) out there explain to me how a hem can come out correctly (no gathering/bunching) if the skirt is cut circular on bottom. when you pin the hem up it will be to less fabric won't it? my hem gathered (on the plaid side)...any way to avoid this-or was it just bad cutting/pinning on my part?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

7 more days

That is all!! 7 more days until kickoff. 7 more days until we sit our bums on the couch all day, every Saturday. 7 more days until we scream at the kids to get out of the way of the TV. 7 more days until the Buckeyes play.

Wait, the game is next Saturday so we won't count that day. 6, SIX more days until the pigskin flies. 
But, today has already started so we shouldn't count today either. 5, FIVE more days until life begins. Whoo-Hoo

Friday, August 22, 2008

My holiness

Sweet lil' ol Amy tagged me for a meme ...a meme that will never come true BUT I thought it would be slightly fun to play along. 

1. What would you want your holy card to look like?
Well, I would want myself to be represented as a svelte, Barbie-ish muse with books (for my wisdom), a clock (for my patience), a microphone (for my skills), and a heart encompassed by a halo (for my loving, saintly personality). In reality I would be Saint It Hath Frozen Over (cuz they all change their names you know), so I think my card would look more along the lines of this:
2. What would you be the Patron Saint of?
I suppose it would have to be cold things...blizzards. No wait, ice cream. For sure, the patron saint of ice cream. 

3. Your second choice for a holy card?
Second choice? No way baby, I am either Saint It Hath Frozen Over and I am the Patron Saint of Ice Cream, or I am no saint at all!

Now, being the saintly being that I am, I tag:
Jessica (though I think she was originally tagged-just extra urging)
Laura (though Amy tagged her-again extra urging)
Michelle cuz she has lots of spare time
Shelly cuz I want to see if her Photoshop* skills have improved
*UPDATE: So, going back through and looking at others who have done this it appears the original meme was asking what picture of yourself you would use for a holy card-and most people were a tad more serious than I. Whoopsie, though I think Amy knew what she was doing when she tagged me. 
WOW, 3 posts in one brain hurts

Twirly Skirt

Reading Christine's post about a skirt she made reminded me of a skirt I have been wanting to try for a long time (not to mention I was hoping for a quick project since I am still knitting that scarf). At our other house I resisted sewing because it would have had to have be done in the kitchen and sewing is an involved process that (for me) is hard to quickly clean. At our current digs the sewing machine is in the playroom/schoolroom/my office and since we don't do school on Fridays, the room was empty. After digging around a bit on the internet I again found the tutorial and gave it a whirl twirl. 

testing the twirl

Lil' bro wanted in on the fun...don't pay attention to the fact that he is in his underwear. 
Erin's (houseonhillroad) free tutorial here!!


I don't think I ever posted pictures of this FO so here they are. I finished them while on our way to Albuquerque this summer. They were intended for {r} but they also fit {l} so now they are just the girls'. 

I took {r} outside and said "Do something"...
Mommmm, I don't know what to do
I think this is a bunny hop

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Week 1 (again)

This week I wasn't quite as good as I had hoped BUT Jaime was in town SO I am giving myself a slight pass.  I mean when a friend who you haven't seen in 8 years comes to visit, lots of eating out and ice cream are in order! No friends coming this week though so back on track I shall go. 

Continue/start 1400 cal/day
Exercise 30 min/day 4 days/week

This week: -.5

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So, the thought of having to restart WoW got me so depressed I decided to stop blogging. It got me looking a little something like this... Not really (sort of, I am a little mad about having to lose weight). In reality I have been enjoying the visit of my honest to goodness, biggest in life, for the reals bff Jaime. We have been friends since the very first day of 7th grade (we figure about 18 yrs now) but haven't seen each other for (much too long) 8 years. That sweetie up there is her little boy who is 15 months. I think we ran out of pretzels in that picture. 

Friday we went to a local zoo/aquarium (not the big one in Seattle). That is cutie pie Jaime there on the left. {j} is the turdbucket hiding between his sisters. {s} went along too but she was in her usual place, the stroller. 

Here are the kids admiring a beluga whale. {j} was right up against the glass until the whale swam past. He jumped about 3 feet back at the sight of it. 

Today we decided to take a ferry to Seattle (you don't have to take a ferry to get to Seattle from where we are, we took the long route in order to take the ferry).  None of us had ever been on a ferry before and our first experience allowed us to see some of the finer people of Seattle. We were a bit shocked and thought we should just wait it out in the car but a nice couple let us sit next to them so we decided to stay up above. About halfway through the ride that nice couple (who was also impressed with Seattle's finest) informed us of the hemp festival going on in the city. Back in the day I would not have been fazed, but those days are long gone and we all just tried to avoid eye contact. We did, however, see a seal playing in the water and a few of them sunbathing on a dock and {l} says she saw 2 jelly fish. The upper deck has windows but the lower deck, where the cars are, doesn't and we got a few good pictures there...
{j} enjoying the view of the water down below
The family

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Baaaaack

I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning*. Holy moly, I guess I have indulged much more than I had realized sooooo, WoW is back. The first weigh-in will be next week. 

For those wanting to participate, I am going to use Mr. Linky this time.

Just enter your name and the +/- after your name. If you are doing a post on your blog you can link to it in the url space, or just link directly to your blog. Or if you don't have a blog or don't want to link to your blog you can leave that space blank. Once you enter your info click enter and it will be added to the list. I have already added myself as an example this week. Unfortunately it isn't that far off!
Update: So when playing with the linky I realized if you put a + in front of your number the plus doesn't show up. If it is a loss, don't put a space between the -and the number. 

This week:
Keep calories to 1400/day
Exercise 30 minutes/day * 4 days/week 
No more Dr Pepper (sniff*sniff)
*yes, the mistake was in weighing myself, not in eating like a cow

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Park Day #2

Today for our park day we headed to a nearby town (there are tons of nearby towns) to watch a juggler, and we got to meet 4 new homeschool families to boot. The girls are being rather shy but eventually they sat with some of the other kids. Well, {l} sat with some of the other kids.

{s} stayed in her stroller for most of the fun but did want to see the juggler (yes, I did eventually let her out of the stroller). 

{j} stayed on the blanket (surprise, surprise). 

and {r} got to be an assistant!! She stayed in the audience but caught the pin
then had to throw it back to the juggler when asked. 
Unfortunately it landed about a foot in front of her. She then had to hand it to the juggler.
 I think she enjoyed her time in the spotlight either way!

High fiven'

So, I just finished watching the men's gymnastics final and I have but one thing to say...the Chinese sure need to learn how to do a high-five. Talk about cheeseballs!! 

And speaking of cheeseballs..."That's how we roll". Come on American men, no one actually says that-quit acting like morons for the cameras!

Oops, that was more than one thing.

Monday, August 11, 2008

For my mom

Saint Jane {l}

Saint Helen {r}
Saint Michael (or anyone else you like, Jude perhaps ;)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Louis Armstrong

in the making...

picture taken by {r}

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Making Friends

Today was the weekly (during the Summer) beach/park day for our local homeschool group and it was our first chance to meet people. We didn't realize today was a beach day since we were going to the park but it was. Oh well, it just meant I had less to pack up. The kids were a little bummed but did fine not going out too far and rolling up their shorts. They found lots of seashells, a few sand dollars (those were living so I made them put them back), and learned what skimboarding is and that seaweed stinks. Technically I don't think this is considered a beach since it is on Puget Sound and not on the (for reals) ocean but whatev (I could be wrong, but that is what Tug was told by one Washington dude). Christine et al, thanks for coming, it was great meeting you...the kids and I are anxiously awaiting next week!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Almost time

It is that time again. Time to start gearing up for the season. Time to get excited and nervous. Time to watch tons of old games on the Big 10 Network. Time to block out all Saturdays starting 8/30. Time to get the spot ready on the couch. Time to get an inbox full of forwards of stuff like this...

might be bad juju to say 'this is our year' but i still likey

Sunday, August 3, 2008

In the immortal words of Ice Cube

Today was a good day.

We went to Mass this morning and aside from the occasional Alzheimer-ish outburst from the going deaf old man in the back ("Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone" yelled while in line for Communion-and that was just one) it was great*. Sure we forgot to grab a hymnal on the way in so we couldn't follow along since it was said in Latin (not a Traditional Latin Mass, that is next Sunday at 5) but no complaints here.  It is a welcomed change to once again celebrate a reverent Mass!!
We then came back home, took short naps, then headed out the door to watch the Albuquerque Isotopes lose (or at least they were losing when we left in the 8th) to the Tacoma Rainiers. Tug grew up watching the Dukes (who left Albuquerque but were replaced a few yrs later by the Topes) so when he discovered Tacoma had Triple A ball he was ecstatic. When he looked at the schedule and saw they were playing the Topes this weekend he had a plan to make us all go. That was our reward for getting everything unpacked. Initially we were going to wear some of our Topes paraphernalia but Tug decided we were going for the Rainiers since we live here now. We now have hats...and their logo is basically 'T R' so extra bonus pretending it just stands for Tug and Regina. 
Hope your day went just as great!

*to clarify-i didnt mean to imply that the old man in the back made Mass bad or that he shouldnt have been there. on the contrary, i think it was great that his adult son who has 5 kids of his own takes him to Mass...I just thought what he yelled was funny.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


That's the number  of boxes left to unpack. That's right, it is ALL done (not including the garage, but that is Tug's responsibility). Michelle asked me to take some pics so she could have a looksy and since she probably won't visit anytime soon (or anytime before we move again) here they are:

This is from the front door looking into the house. The greenish walls were already painted that color. The hat thingy on the right came with the house too. The closed door on the right is a coat closet and beyond that is the open door of the laundry room which has a little bathroom attached to it. There is a hallway to the right (between the coat closet and the laundry) and the kitchen is to the right of the perpendicular green wall. 
Here is that hallway just beyond the coat closet. The first left is the laundry room (ignore that ironing pile you see), second left is a bathroom, third left is the master bedroom. A linen closet is at the end of the hall. First door on the right is the girls' room and directly across from the master (you can't see the door in this pic) is {s} and {j}'s room.

This is the living room as seen from the kitchen. It is to the left when you walk in the front door (in the first pic you can see the back of the couch). It is separated from the dining room by some pillars (you can kind of see the set up in the first pic)...
The windows are looking out to the backyard. Next to the hutch are all the boxes we have to throw away recycle. To the left of the hutch is the door to the schoolroom/library/my office/playroom (can't see the door in the pic)... The door you see leads to the side of the house where we put the garbage cans. It was added-on to the house as a library and has an entire wall of shelves-AWESOME!! This room is to the left of the dining room, to the right of the dining room is the kitchen:
Looking into the kitchen
In the kitchen looking to the left. The pass-thru looks onto the dining room and that is the backdoor in the background.
This is in the dining room looking back at the kitchen. The glittery tree thingy came with the house, we added the Buckeye helmet-fitting it is above Our Lady of Perpetual Help. 
And finally, to the left of the schoolroom/library/my office/playroom is a very short hallway (probably not even worth calling it a hallway, more like a set back the length of a door) with a door at the end to the garage and a door to the left that leads to Tug's office. The door is at the bottom of these stairs and the room is to the right. It was part of the addition and there is a full bath upstairs too. We are going to get a bed to put up there so the room can double as a guest room. As we were moving in we noticed that the downstairs master bath is miniscule so Tug decided to put his stuff in the office bath and since that room also has 2 closets (compared to the miniscule downstairs one) he decided to put his clothes there. We now tease that we have separate bedrooms. 
So there you have the grand tour. Now, come visit for the reals!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Patients please

Ha ha...when we were living in Albuquerque roadwork was being done (roadwork is ALWAYS being done in NM) and it said that on one of their signs-flashing over and over again 'thanks for your patients'. 

Anywhoo, we are in the wet state of WA-it has already rained twice. Yesterday it started after we finished for the night, today it started this morning. Luckily it has stopped and we have been able to get the entire truck emptied which leaves me rooms looking like this: