Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clarification for Confused Catholics

Nancy Pelosi is a jackass. If any of you saw her on Meet the Press and started thinking "hmm, I think she is right, the Catholic Church hasn't been clear on the abortion issue. It really is a matter of controversy within the Church so it is clearly ok for me to vote pro-death." WRONG. As those bumper stickers say, you can't be both Catholic and pro-choice. 

Which, by the way, means you also can't vote pro-choice. So that Biden dude, the one pretending (as well) to be Catholic, you can't vote for him...or really any other Democrat. What I don't understand is why bother?? Why not just go to a religion that you agree with instead of claiming to be something you aren't? Thank God some American Bishops are finally starting to correct these heretical morons!! Update to add link to the entire open letter by Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.  I especially like the 2nd and 2nd to last paragraphs.  

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish she would have been able to appear with Tim Russert. THAT would have been a GREAT show - he never would have let her get away with the crap she said.

Auntie Nee said...

WOW!!!! I think she needs to go back to catechism and learn the teachings of the church


Aubrey said...

Unfortunately, I'm not laughing at this one! ;)

Abortion is such an ugly, brutal, dehumanizing thing. I'm always shocked when people call themselves Catholic and vote pro-abortion. I agree with you. If they're going to be pro-abortion (or pro-birth control, not adhere to the teachings of the Church) then why do they bother to call themselves Catholic?

They are then associating themselves with something they don't agree with and why would one do that? I wouldn't call myself Mormon because I'm NOT and I don't believe in their teachings.

It's not a game! I think that it is disgraceful and is disrespectful to try and distort the teachings of the Church for one's personal benefit.

Our own bishop was crucified in the press for his decision to say that members of certain groups would be automatically excommunicated (http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/kralis/040406).

I, however, am grateful to have such a wise Bishop.

Sorry if this is too much...

Shelly said...

awww rush, come on dude. I love Peggy Noonan's summary statement: If life doesn't begin at conception then why the hell wear a condom!!?
I was steaming when i went to catholicsforobama.blogspot - shouldn't go there.