Saturday, August 2, 2008


That's the number  of boxes left to unpack. That's right, it is ALL done (not including the garage, but that is Tug's responsibility). Michelle asked me to take some pics so she could have a looksy and since she probably won't visit anytime soon (or anytime before we move again) here they are:

This is from the front door looking into the house. The greenish walls were already painted that color. The hat thingy on the right came with the house too. The closed door on the right is a coat closet and beyond that is the open door of the laundry room which has a little bathroom attached to it. There is a hallway to the right (between the coat closet and the laundry) and the kitchen is to the right of the perpendicular green wall. 
Here is that hallway just beyond the coat closet. The first left is the laundry room (ignore that ironing pile you see), second left is a bathroom, third left is the master bedroom. A linen closet is at the end of the hall. First door on the right is the girls' room and directly across from the master (you can't see the door in this pic) is {s} and {j}'s room.

This is the living room as seen from the kitchen. It is to the left when you walk in the front door (in the first pic you can see the back of the couch). It is separated from the dining room by some pillars (you can kind of see the set up in the first pic)...
The windows are looking out to the backyard. Next to the hutch are all the boxes we have to throw away recycle. To the left of the hutch is the door to the schoolroom/library/my office/playroom (can't see the door in the pic)... The door you see leads to the side of the house where we put the garbage cans. It was added-on to the house as a library and has an entire wall of shelves-AWESOME!! This room is to the left of the dining room, to the right of the dining room is the kitchen:
Looking into the kitchen
In the kitchen looking to the left. The pass-thru looks onto the dining room and that is the backdoor in the background.
This is in the dining room looking back at the kitchen. The glittery tree thingy came with the house, we added the Buckeye helmet-fitting it is above Our Lady of Perpetual Help. 
And finally, to the left of the schoolroom/library/my office/playroom is a very short hallway (probably not even worth calling it a hallway, more like a set back the length of a door) with a door at the end to the garage and a door to the left that leads to Tug's office. The door is at the bottom of these stairs and the room is to the right. It was part of the addition and there is a full bath upstairs too. We are going to get a bed to put up there so the room can double as a guest room. As we were moving in we noticed that the downstairs master bath is miniscule so Tug decided to put his stuff in the office bath and since that room also has 2 closets (compared to the miniscule downstairs one) he decided to put his clothes there. We now tease that we have separate bedrooms. 
So there you have the grand tour. Now, come visit for the reals!

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Paula in MN said...

When will you start accepting guest reservations? he-he-he. The place looks beautiful. I really like the fireplace, the kitchen, and I'm drooling over the bookshelves. Welcome to your new home!

Erica said...

Oh, my...
Unload truck on Thursday.
Unpack (and put AWAY) stuff on Friday and Saturday.
Relax and Enjoy your family in your new home on Sunday?

You are Super Super SUPER Duper Woman.

Have I mentioned that at this point in an unpacking situation, I "might" have my kitchen squared away and the rest of the house in shambles?!?!! Wow... Wow.. Wow.

We can't wait to come and sleep on the new bed... MOVE OVER TUG!!!

erica said...

After further pondering of this small miraculous feat... We are somewhat offended. How could you be so quick to ditch us. You wanted so badly to move on with your new life that you did it in a quick two days? You didn't even leave one box back to remember us by... back in your old life as an Oregonian??

Ok, we're not totally offended but COME ON!

You officially qualify for sainthood as the Patron Saint of Married Movers.

Miracle #1: Marrying Tug
Miracle #2: Putting up with the antics of Tug
Miracle #3: Unpacking, organizing and DECORATING in two days so that the weary can rest on Sunday in peace.

Maybe you should expect us sooner than later.

sean said...

That was fast. I noticed the Mirror Pond is also in position.

Tammy Staley said...

Cool pics, I love seeing the house! I'm very impressed with your unpacking skills.

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Well, we may have found the thing that we have in common since it can't be the Cowboys, or the big city of Dallas. ;-)

Quite possibly it is the desire to be fully "moved in" once you've moved. :) I too usually have it completly done in 2 or 3 days! I just can't stand living with boxes and I'm far too impatient. I've just gotta see it as "my house". :) Happy, relax & enjoy your family & new home!

Jessica said...

WOW!! I am TOTALLY impressed!

Your home looks great too!

If we didn't have swimming lessons the next two weeks, I'd hop in the car and drive up for a visit!

Erin said...

The house looks fantastic! You're amazing!

Auntie Nee said...

That is great. Hope you all are enjoying the new house. It certainly looks like you will have more room for the kids and such.

Love ya

Amy Caroline said...

I hate boxes!! I don't blame you for attacking them with a supernatural fervor. I say go for it!
It looks lovely! I really like the blue/green wall! And those bookshelves... all the homeschool moms are drooling...

Shelly said...

What are you - some kind of madwoman???!!!? You're unpacked? Totally!?

We've been in our house for just over 2yrs and *we're* not even unpacked!! LOL

*and* not ONLY did you've also decorated to boot!!

Insane, i say - totally insane :o)

The Wades said...

Agog over your moving skills!!! I guess you should be pretty good at it by now considering all the times you've moved. ALL THE BOXES ARE GONE??? Incredible!

I think you need to collect more junk. That is not the American way to be finished already.

I think the house looks great! Love those shelves. We'll have to check it out in person. love

Heather said...

Wow, you're here and ready to go? That was quick!! And you're already out and about too- good for you! We'll have to come down sometime and meet you at Point Defiance Zoo.
I'm glad you're settled, woo hoo!

The Wades said...

turns out i have excellent post ideas--just look at all these comments!!! ;) ok, maybe it has a small something to do with your supreme unpacking skills. but still...

~Marci~ said...

Looks so great, can't wait to go visit my Aunt in Seattle and "Stop By" for a quick break and visit..... Welcome Home

Anonymous said...

amazing - you are (as Coulter would say) supersonic! I think we still have a box in the hall closet...maybe 2. I'm impressed!!

Glad you are there safely and are all settled.


Trina said...

So glad I got to meet you before you left and got settled in your new location (even if it was over one of the most "dumb" movies I have ever seen!) Your new house looks great, hope you enjoy your new surroundings.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

(snickersnicker) "Ignore that ironing pile"

like you iron

Regina said...

i wish i didnt to be honest, but i iron just about everything! hang up clothes that is, i dont iron sweat pants or underwear...things we wear daily!